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Specifics for minor characters can be found on the TV show tab for each species.

Unnamed Arocknid Baker

See Arocknid.

Artie Arocknid

See Arocknid.

Bips Barkbark

See Barkbark.

Beatrice Buzzlegum

See Buzzlegum.

Bernardo Bunnycomb

See Bunnycomb.

Betty Bunnycomb

See Bunnycomb.

Beverly Badgesicle

See Badgesicle.

Boris Buzzenge

See Buzzenge.

Boss Buzzenge

See Buzzenge.

Cecil Cocoadile

See Cocoadile.

Chirashi Chippopotamus

See Chippopotamus.

Chortles Chippopatamus

See Chippopotamus.

Chopstick Chippopotamus

See Chippopotamus.

Cleo Candary

See Candary.

Corina Chocstrich

See Chocstrich.

Dr. Quincy Quackberry

See Quackberry.

Dr. Sweetooth

See Sweetooth.

Flex Fudgehog

See Fudgehog.

General Pengum


Appearances in: The Abominable Jeli

The leader of an army of Pengums, his mission is hitting Jerry Jeli with a snowball like his ancestors 600 years ago tried.

Gordon Goobaa


Appearances in: Between a Flock and a Hard Place

Fed up with the way Teddington treated him while grazing under the command of the Goobaa gathering Barkbark, Gordon takes control of the Goobaa herd and decides to get his revenge on the Twingersnap by framing Teddington for vandalizing the Pinatas' gardens. He sadly is thwarted in the end when a fustrated Teddington repeatedly yelled out the word 'Rough', which sounded exactly like the hypnotizing barking of the Barkbark, 'Ruff Ruff'.

Grandma Fudgehog

See Fudgehog.

Hamilton Horstachio


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color, The Pinatas Must Be Crazy, Pinatapartyphobia, Mirror Schmirror and High Plains Drafter

Hamilton is a boastful Horstachio, that for a short time, was the most popular pinata in the party circuit, due to his sneakiness in cancelling Hudson's bookings. However, after accidentally eating Mabel Moozipan's daisies and blackberries, he turned into a Zumbug, making him lose the Horstachio competition and his fame.

Voice: Sean Schemmel

Quotes- "Good eats, lots of sleep, and I'm telling ya'... I cant be beat..."

Harry Horstachio

Appearances in: Wild Horstachios


This rough an' tough, Black n' white and western horstachio knows no fear and never "misses".


Henderson Horstachio


Appearances in: A Terrible Tribute

Henderson was a hot, young actor who Hudson looked up to. Saddly, his head is stuck in a sousaphone. He appers to be a blue variant Horstachio.

Jay Jameleon


Appearences in: Langston's Jameleon Cousins

Jay is the blue variented sibling of the Jameleon brothers.

Jerry Jameleon


Appearences in: Langston's Jameleon Cousins

Jerry is the green sibling of the Jameleon brothers.

Jerry Jeli

See Jeli.

Junior Jameleon


Appearences in: Fudge Match and Langston's Jameleon Cousins

Junior is the red variented sibling of the Jameleon brothers. Although his crucial role was in Langston's Jameleon Cousins he actually was shown first in Fudge Match.

J.J. Juicygoose


Appearances in: A Terrible Tribute and Hudson Tells All

J.J. is a rapper(who knows what episode he did that), recordist(from "Hudson Tells All") and plays in a band on the "This Here's Your life!" T.V. show(From "A Terrible Tribute").

King Roario


Appearances in: Royal Visit, Franklingestion and A Terrible Tribute

King Roario owns Pinata Island. He talks in a grating Scottish accent. He tricks Fergy into believing there is a Dragonache to be slain, but things change when one turns out to be real... King Roario is an Orchestra player on A Terrible Tribute.

Fritz Kittyfloss


Appearances in: The Crush, Twingersnapped!, Six Million Dollar Piñata, High Plains Drafter, My Sweet Sours and A Terrible Tribute

This Kittyfloss hates the Goobaa herding Barkbark and has judged a contest with him in Twingersnapped!, to her dismay.You'll find her as an orchestra player on A terribe Tribute.

Louis Lemmoning


Appearances in: Snow Place Like Home

Leader of about a hundred Lemmoning that inhabit the arctic section of Pinata Island. The Lemmoning always copy the pinata in the lead.

Mabel Moozipan


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color, Queen for a Day, The Crush, Franklin Can’t Dance, Lights, Camera, Action! and The Great Gob Rush.

Mabel is very strict about how her garden is treated, and isn't afraid to put matters into her own hooves. She is a good friend of Florence Fizzlybear. Famous quotes include "Feel the wrath of my giant hoe!"

Marvin Mallowolf


Appearances in: High Plains Drafter

Marvin is a Masked Mallowolf cowboy and is known as "El Sketcho". Marvin enrolled in Art school to get revenge on Franklin for a Caricature he drew that hurt Marvin's feelings. He is a very fast and talented Caricaturist and uses his talent to hurt the feelings of innocent Piñatas, until Franklin sets him straight. Marvin wears a cowboy hat with several gunshots in it and a red bandanna covers his face. When his bandanna is removed he has a clearly visible wart on his nose. Marvin is a Wildcard in the videogame.

Max Buzzlegum

See Buzzlegum.

Meinhardt Mousemallow


Appearances in: Mr. Unbustable

Buffed up Mousemallow who owns a work-out place.

Monchi Moojoo

See Moojoo.

Mongo Macaracoon


Appearances in: Mad Mongo, Pinatapartyphobia, The Piñatas Must Be Crazy and Hero

Nicknamed "Mad Mongo", he has a Jekyll and Hyde-like personality – you just never know when he’s going to explode!

Voice: Darren Dunstan

Montague Mousemallow


Appearances in: Royal Visit

Montague Mousemallow is the servant of King Roario. He wears a hat and 'mouse-tache' akin to that of Zorro. He speaks in a loud voice, which drives Paulie mad.

Monty Mousemallow

Monty actually happy

Appearances in: Mouse Flap and The Antlers Are Blowin' in the Wind

Monty Mousemallow is a paranoid little piñata who always thinks that the other Piñatas are out to get him. When Franklin accidentally sits on him, Monty gets all riled up and wants to beat his Fizzlybear behind!

Quotes- "Don't patronize me!"





The Moozipan Dancers


Appearances in: Hudson on Hudson, Hudson's Holiday

The Moozipan Dancers are teen piñata dancers who dance in the show in Hudson on Hudson

Ned Newtgat?


Appearances in: Mouse Flap

Ned is a depressed Newtgat who frequents the Tutie Fruity Jellybean bar for Unhappy Hour.

Parker Polollybear

See Polollybear.

Pecky Pudgeon


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color, Whirlm with a Dream, Legs, Mission: Impinatable,My Little Fergy, High Plains Drafter, Hero, Pecky Pudgeon, Private Eye, High Plains Drafter and Snail's Pace

As the top correspondent for Piñata Island's #1 newspaper, "The Piñata Yada Yada", this paparazzi pigeon has an uncanny beak for news. Pecky will follow any lead, dish any dirt, and shadow any celebrity to get a big scoop or shoot a Pulitzer-winning photo. Pecky's not afraid of ruffling a few feathers. More than once Pecky has had his camera broken, his wing dinged, and his beak busted. Quotes -

"See page six!" “Oh boy, it’s a non-stop rollercoaster around here!” “Truly this tricky track takes time, tenacity and determination to tackle.

Pierce Profitamole


Appears in: On a Sour Note, Hero, Confetti-itis, Mad Mongo and Snail's Pace

Pierce is a feisty sour profitamole who sings in a band apparently called 'Rock Candy'. After eating mushrooms, he transforms into a normal Profitamole with no memory of his sour side.

Quotes- "Oh, I prefer to be called sweet!" "Perhaps some Beethoven or Mozart?"

Pierre Parrybo


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color, Legs, Franklin Can’t Dance, Lights, Camera, Action!, Hudson’s Biggest Fan and The Great Gob Rush.

Pierre is a feisty, fiery, fiercely French-accented piñata. A minor celebrity on the island, Pierre is often asked to officiate at various contests, fairs, pageants, etc.. This is odd when you consider that between his heavy French accent and his unique mangling of the English language, Pierre is terribly hard to understand. Pierre also has a call-in radio show that is very popular on Piñata Island. Piñata Celebrities like Hudson, and... well, Hudson... often come by to chat with Pierre and take questions from callers. Pierre is also the island's #1 DJ, and can be found spinning ze discs at many of Piñata Island's most popular clubs and biggest celebrations.

Voice: Pete Zarustica

Quotes- "I am so rockin of ze house!"

"C'est Magnifique! Superb!"

"Ok, time to get some hot chocolate, sit back and watch the calamity!"

Polollybear (Unnamed)

See Polollybear.

Prewitt Profitamole


Appearances in: Legs, Piñata Island Idol, Six Million Dollar Piñata and Hudson on Hudson

Prewitt is the Island's repair mechanic. He repairs piñatas, when they "break a stitch." His workshop contains "spare" piñata parts.

Voice: Mike MacRae

Quotes- "I would very much like to preform the- *Prewitt gets tossed aside and gets whacked*"

"My "soaps" are coming on. Just please don't over do it, ok?"

Cliff Dragonache


Appearances in: Royal Visit, Pecky Pudgeon, Private Eye and Hudson Tells All

It´s the "child" of Carol Cluckle, so his name was Cliff. He thought he was a cluckle, but his sibling annoyed him that he´s a dragonache. Later he thuoght that he´s a dragonache and lived in the wilderness of Pinata island. Used to be an evil Dragonache but because of Fergy he was tamed to be a nice dog-like dragon. Later he learned to talk. He appears to also have a mind of his own in Pecky Pudgeon, Private Eye and Bringing up Cluckle



Rory Rashberry


Appearances in: Pig-Out Mountain, My Sweet Swanana

Rory is a Rashberry alpine climber on an expedition to the treasure on Pig Out Mountain. He returned in the episode My Sweet Swanana where he learns how to be a gentleman.

Quotes- "Heave ho, heave ho, GREAT! Oink oink!"



Appearances in: Trojan Horstachio, Lights, Camera, Action!, Mission: Impinatable, Piñata Island Idol, The Great Gob Rush, Piñata Island Idol, Invasion of the Boogie Snatchers, Twingersnapped!, Free the Piñatas, For My Next Trick, Treasure of Piñata Madre, Pester's Party, Wild Horstachios, My Sweet Sours and Pester the Pinata

The Ruffians are a group of menacing Piñata poachers on the island led by Professor Pester.

Unnamed S'morepion

See S'morepion.

Shirley Shellybean


Appearances in: Candiosity, Les Saves the Day…Again!, Snail’s Pace and Pester the Pinata

She is far and away the slowest Piñata on the island, but Shirley Shellybean doesn't seem to be aware of her extreme and near-complete lack of speed. Many times Shirley and the gang will start out on an adventure together, but pretty quickly the others have left her far behind, and by episode's end, Shirley has only just barley moved a few feet, still enthusiastically chattering, "C'mon gang! Let's get this show on the road!"

Quotes "Slow? I prefer sluggish."

Silvia Sweetooth

See Sweetooth.

Simone Cinnamonkey


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color, Pecky Pudgeon, Private Eye, Hudson’s Biggest Fan, Pester's Party, Snail's pace and Hudson on Hudson

Simone Cinnamonkey is Hudson Horstachio's wheeling and dealing manager and agent. Sure, Hudson can be an insufferable, boorish, juvenile, and yes, she has to cater to his every little urge and annoying whim, but being the agent of the biggest, most fabulous piñata superstar ever makes her big and fabulous as well! Simone's phone is ringing off the hook and she barely has time to take on other clients. She's often seen talking on three phones at the same time - a phone in each hand and the third held by her tail! When Simone is not talking buisness, she is watching Hudson play a game of sour-ball.

Sour Mallowolf Gang


Appearances in: Snail’s Pace

Angered by their favorite soccer team losing, the gang decides to join the red soccer-ball team. mallowolves.

Quote- "Go red team! GAHAHAHAHA!"

Spalding Sparrowmint


Appears in: Invasion of the Boogie Snatchers.

Spalding is Paulie's neighbor. Paulie reveals that Spalding, the little tone deaf Sparrowmint, is 'The Worst Singer On The Whole Island!',

The Bonboon


Appearances in: Candiosity, Queen for a Day, The Piñatas Must Be Crazy, My Little Fergy, Snow Place Like Home and The Great Gob Rush.

Considered by many to be the wisest of the wise, the Piñata known only as The Bonboon sits in tranquil meditation under the shade of the oldest tree in the garden... next to the outhouse. Piñatas come to the Bonboon seeking answers to life's biggest questions, like "Why am I here? What is true Happiness/ Why did the Cluckle cross the road?" The Bonboon always has an answer... and that that answer usually involves giving him all your candy, cleaning his house, giving him a full body massage, etc. You see, what the piñatas don't realize is that the Bonboon not so much a wise man as he is a con man! After seeing him you best check that your wallet hasn't been stolen! Famous quotes include "Boom shaka laka laka boom shaka boom... Ah, a visitor. Welcome, lowly seeker of truth. How may I blow your teeny tiny mind?" "To become smaller, you must become larger." and, "'Five' is the answer to many questions, is it not?"

The Salesman Vulture

See Vulchurro.

Uncle Hoofy Horstachio

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Appearances in: A Terrible Tribute & Recipe for Disaster

Uncle Hoofy was a mentor, role model & influence to Hudson in his youth. Uncle Hoofy happens to be a green variant of the Horstachio.

Wendel Whirlm


Appears in: Soil and Green

Wendel is a Whirlm who loves to turn barren areas of Piñata Island into great gardens.

Quotes- "*singing* dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig!"

Wilson Whirlm


Appearances in: Whirlm with a Dream and The Crush

Wilson is a wannabe party animal, but he's finding it impossible to raise his candiosity high enough to be sent away. Despite this, he will keep trying to pursue his dream!

Quotes "But I wanna go to a party!" "WHIRLM!"