Piñata Island

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Piñata Island is the place the crepe paper creatures call home. Here you'll find lush emerald jungles, white sandy beaches, and inviting garden habitats. There are even new environments that haven't been discovered yet! You won't find it on a map, but its ideal location insures that a Piñata can reach any party on any continent.

Why is it that Piñata Island is the only place in the world Piñatas can be found? Even the Piñatas don’t really know – but with so much happening in the garden, what with weird new Piñatas arriving all the time, crazed black-market Piñata poachers trying to muscle in on the factory’s action, mysteries to solve, violent garden pests (referred to as “Sours”) to contend with, and constant opportunities to dance - who has time to worry about it?

The only thing upon which these Piñatas can agree is that on Piñata Island, anything can happen…