The Antlers Are Blowin' in the Wind

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"The Antlers Are Blowin' in the Wind" is the twenty-third episode of Viva Piñata's second season. It originally aired in North America on November 24, 2007.


Machi Moojoo

Fergy, Paulie, and a new Moojoo friend form the "Cannon Nots", but Pinata Central needs their help when a storm hits the island.

Piñata Species in Episode


  • Langston: This Australian guy!
  • Australian guy (off screen): Croikey!


  • Look closely, when Langston is looking for The Cannon Nots in the place, there's a fish pinata seen. It'll probably be a future download.
  • While looking for the Canon Nots, Langston looks under an australian guy, who says "Croikey!" This is a referance to the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin.
  • Hudson saying "Ride 'em, Horstachio!" Is a parody of the famouds phrase: "Ride 'em, cowboy!"