Mission: Impiñatable

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"Mission: Impiñatable" is the seventeenth episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It aired in North America on November 4, 2006.

Mission Impiñatable is a spoof off of a 1996 movie Mission Impossible


Hudson the Horstachio is kidnapped by Professor Pester... and newsbird-on-the-scene Pecky Pudgeon captures it all on film. Hudson’s friends set out to rescue him, but Hudson is not aware he is even kidnapped – he thinks Pester’s underground lair is an exclusive new night club. Can this “rescue team” get their act together to save someone who doesn’t think he needs saving?


  • Hudson: Let's see... says swing a right here. I'll do better than that. I'll boogie right.

  • Fergy: Franklin, what are those things?
  • Franklin: Night vision goggles
  • Fergy: Do they work?
  • Franklin: Yeah, everything looks like its nighttime.

  • Paulie: Hudson Horstachio heisted!
  • Franklin: Colt Corraled by kidnappers!
  • Fergy: There's a coupon for free licorice!


Yet another refrence to the song "Fire Water Burn" by the Bloodhound Gang is heard when Hudson sings out "The hoof, the hoof, the hoof is on fire!"

A reference is made to the movie airplane near the begining of this episode when Paulie and Franklin read the newspaper headlines about Hudson being kidnapped and Fergy reads that there is a coupon for free licorice. Based off of the airplane scene where three men from air traffic control are reading the newspaper. The first two read headlines about the almost certain doom awaiting the passengers and the third that "There's a sale at Pennys"