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"Twingersnapped!" is the thirty-first episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It originally aired in North America on March 10, 2007.


Fergy and Paulie are enjoying a dance contest, while Tina and Teddington are chasing after their judges' card. While following it they get lost in the forest and begin to argue and blame each other. A struggle breaks out and the duo rolls off a cliff into a mysterious buzz-saw. Barely avoiding the saw they sigh in relief, until the judges' card lands in the middle of the two, severing them. They fly in different directions still unhappy with each other... Meanwhile Professor Pester finds a trail of candy left by their split half-bodies.

While the dance contest gets ugly from a two quarrelsome judges, a Barkbark and Kittyfloss, the seperate Twingersnaps rejoice in their new found freedom. But as lonelyness sets in, so does Pester with a trap. The two, both trapped in the back of Pester's truck, must reunite and work together to escape. Successfully they get away and to boot they find their judges' card. They arrive at the dance off, ready solve the problem. The final act of Hudson and several other Horstachios do their dance and to no one's shock the Barkbark and Kittyfloss disagree. Tina and Teddington seem to be ready to resolve things but the two heads break out in their age old disagreements. Things are normal again.

Gameplay Tips

Kittyflosses and Barkbarks will fight one another.


Pester: It's always such fun to visit the planetarium. Oh, look the Little Dipper! *Falls abruptly*

Tina: Old mcdonald had a farm, eieioh...

Teddington: And on that farm he had a horstachio, eieioh..

Tina: With a, AAAAH!

Pester: With a 'haha' here, and a 'haha' there, Bwahahaha!

Teddington: Oh, I miss Tina, AAAH!

Pester:Tee-hee, and then again, Tee-hee!