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For answers to commonly asked Rashberry questions, see below.

Base value:1500 coins
Attack:Pork chops
Rashberry house
Rashberries use a small army bunker for their house.
Housing cost:825 coins
Romance dance
Wildcard Rashberry
Unique trait: Tusks

The Rashberry is a domestic piñata. You can buy it for 1650 chocolate coins at Miss Petula's Paper Pets shop in the village once you are a level 12 gardener.

Round and wobbly, pink and jolly, a Rashberry is an animal that hasn't realized just how tasty it looks. When it's scared, it makes a cool squealing noise, which only encourages cruel people.

Classic requirements

Romance requirements

Species variants

Species variants for the Rashberry

Feeding it a watercress seed changes its color to green.
Feeding it a poppy seed changes its color to red.
Feeding it a nightshade berry changes its color to purple.

Rashberry variant 1 Rashberry variant 2 Rashberry variant 3

Rashberry uses

  • 6 Rashberries in the garden helps meet the Mallowolf visit requirements.
  • Eating 3 Rashberries helps meet the Mallowolf resident requirements.

Species conflicts

Happiness tips

  • Rashberries are happier when sprinkled with water.
  • Rashberries are happier when they eat rotten gooseberries.

Other information

  • Be warned, the Rashberry seems to be the only pinata which gets depressed as easily as it does. If you own a Rashberry, make sure you keep the garden drowned in joy/happy sweets!
  • Romancing with a Swanana will produce a Pigxie. Build a mystery house to meet the special romance requirements. A piece of joy candy will put them in the mood if they are unwilling to romance.
  • Tapping on fresh fruit with the shovel will turn it rotten.
  • An in-game rumor from Leafos claims that after it eats 10 pumpkins it becomes a Chippopatamus. (False)
  • An in-game rumor from Leafos claims that after it eats 10 Tafflies it becomes a Pigxie. (False)

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Commonly asked questions
Why won't my Rashberries eat romance candy?

Make sure you've met their romance requirements. If you haven't already romanced a pair of them once in that garden, they won't eat the candy. Make sure a predator (i.e. Mallowolf) isn't near the candy, which will scare them away from it. Try feeding them a happy or joy candy if they're sad. View thread

My Swanana and Rashberry won't romance. What do I do?

See answer.

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