Mirror Schmirror

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"Mirror Schmirror" is the sixth episode of Viva Piñata's second season. It originally aired on September 22, 2007.


A freak cannonata accident blasts Franklin into an alternate universe – one where the garden is ruled by Spanklin, a goateed, evil version of Franklin. Can Franklin, together with the Overground Resistance, end his gnarly reign?


  • Franklin: They paved up paradise and put up a parking lot.

  • Spanklin: Spanklin didn't say Spanklin says. Time for Renarlification
  • Franklin: Renarlification?
  • Teddington & Tina: No! Not Renarlification!
  • Smaulie: Don't worry the pain will fade in a moment...a moment ten years from now!
  • Spergy: BWAHAHAHA!

  • Franklin: What in the shivvy is going on, paulie?

  • Colonel Cuddles: Come here and give Cuddles a hug!

  • Franklin: Thanks Langston!

  • Colonel Cuddles; It's true! Les IS Mor!

  • Franklin: This is whack!
  • Colonel Cuddles: (Cooly) Yes, extremely whack

Piñata species in episode


  • When Franklin arrives in the alternate universe, he says, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." This line is part of the chorus of the song "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell.

  • Spanklin seems like a homage to Hitler, what with the gotee and uniform.
  • When Tella is watching the TV with the Chippo on it, the Sherbat Romance theme can be heard.


  • When Spanklin stands up to the podium his stomach injury dissappears.


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: