The Crush

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4KidsTV video

"The Crush" is the eighth episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It aired in North America on September 16, 2006.


When Paulie and Fergy are taking a walk enjoying each others company they both see Ella dancing in her yard. Both become instantly smitten and ask her to come to the The Dance of Romance with them. Paulie asks first and she wants to go with him. After Paulie, Fergy then asks and Ella accepts too, not remembering that she previously consented to go with Paulie. Then Franklin finds both pinatas buying gifts for Ella. Just what is he going to do?

On the night of the dance Franklin desperately attempts to stop either pinata from getting to the dance. When everything fails Franklin spills the beans. Both pinatas are furious until they find out that Ella had made a date with nearly every male pinata at the dance. Things work out and Paulie and Fergy are the best of friends again. Over at Ella's house Ella sobs thinking that no one ever asks her, when really everyone wants her.


  • Paulie: Listen, I gotta go to the, err... Place, with the thing at the... Place.
  • Fergy: Yeah, and I gotta go... To the other place with... The other thing.

  • Ella: Hey, nice place! Anyone home?

  • Fergy: She said yes! She said yes!

  • Franklin: Nudgity nudge wink nudgity winkidy winkidy nudgity pokity winkity wink!

  • Franklin: This does not bode well. And I don't even know what "bode" means.

  • Officer Rashberry: This is a No-Viking Zone.
  • Vikings: HO!
  • Franklin: Backwards Stroke!
  • Vikings: HO!
  • Franklin: Backwards Stroke!
  • Vikings: HO!

  • Franklin: You both have a date with Ella Ellaphanilla and I wish the whole world were a happy ball of raspberry ripple honey-dipped goo-licious gummy-yums!
  • Paulie and Fergy: WHAT!
  • Franklin: raspberry ripple honey-dipped goo


Appropriate to this episode, the music for the title card is the Bonboon Romance Dance.