Royal Visit

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"Royal Visit" is the twenty-third episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It originally aired in North America on February 10, 2007.


King Roario
Montague Mousemallow
(Unamed) Red Dragonache

When Fergy learns that a piñata knighted by King Roario can do whatever he wants – including not go to parties anymore - he lies about having done heroic deeds in order to become one. But the King knows Fergy's stories aren't true and decides to teach Fergy a lesson by pretending there's a Dragonache that Fergy must slay. However, when the King takes them to the cave where the "Dragonache" leaves, he learns something- Dragonaches exist! The gang are chased until King Roario and Fergy are cornered at the edge of a cliff. In a final act of desperation, Fergy throws his mace wildly-missing at the Dragonache. Then, as the King believes all hope is lost, they discover the Dragonache just wants to play as it retrieves Fergy's mace like a dog. Back at the castle, Fergy expects to be knighted, but it is the Dragonache who takes over the ceremony.

Gameplay tips


  • Paulie: "Ella! Your butt's on fire!"
  • Tina & Teddington: "Stop, drop and roll!"
  • Ella: "Why? that burning? ARRGH! MY BUTT'S ON FIRE!"

  • King Roario: "I think Fergy and I both learned something out there. Fergy learned that he is a coward. I also learned that Fergy is a coward."
  • (Fergy looks shocked)
  • King Roario: "But, for saving my life, I bestow this knighthood to.."
  • Fergy: (In thought) "Here it comes...!"
  • King Roario: "The Dragonache!"
  • (The Dragonache roars in delight)

  • Fergy: I think i might cry...
  • (The Dragonache licks him)
  • Fergy: I'm DEFINATELY gonna cry! *cries*


  • The same Dragonache appears in another episode, "Pecky Pudgeon, Private Eye". Although in that episode, it isn't feral (and actually says something).


After King Roario tells Fergy that he needs to slay a Dragonache, Paulie exclaims that there are no such things as Dragonaches, to which Fergy replies "Lets not start that again." This is a reference to the episode "Chewnicorn in the Garden", where Paulie, Fergy and Franklin argue about the existence of Dragonaches at the end of the episode, having given up trying to find a Chewnicorn.


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: