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4KidsTV video

"Hero" is the twentieth episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It aired in North America on November 18, 2006.


When Franklin Fizzlybear saves superstar Hudson Horstachio's life, Franklin becomes a hero - and the public loves a hero. Hudson helps his friend Franklin deal with the issues of growing stardom, but what happens when Franklin's fame eclipses Hudson's?


  • Ella: *repeated line* Oh, look! Ice cream!

  • Hudson: Well, there are a few things you have to learn to be a celebrity... if you want to keep your limbs intact.
  • Franklin: Which I do.

  • Franklin: These disguises make not getting recognised a cinch! You're right Hu... I mean, Abraham Lincon!
  • Hudson: It's all part of the game, Fran... I mean, Mr. Van Winkel.
  • Hudson: *After being crushed by part of the nightclub ceiling* Thanks for not saving me, Franklin.
  • Franklin: It's all good!
  • Beverly: *runs on screen and grabs one of Hudsons dismembered legs* I got Hudsons leg!
  • Offscreen Pinata 1: I GOT HIS ARM!!!
  • Offscreen Pinata 2: Trade you for his lower torso!
  • Hudson: Make a line, folks! Plenty of me to go around!

  • Beverly:(to hudson)no, i dont want your signature rapidly fading from memory horstachio.