List of Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise plants

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Lottie will sell you some seeds....
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What's a garden without plants? Whether it be flowers, vegetables, or bushes and trees, there's something for every garden and every gardener. You can corner the tulip market, or relax in the shade of a mighty oak tree.

You'll soon discover that each piñata species has their own favorite plants to romp through, or nibble on. Plant some buttercups? Soon, some industrious Buzzlegums will fly on over, and... if you're clever enough to put them to work... they might even reward you with a sweet tasty treat!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get out that watering can and spade, and grow something!

Pocket Paradise plants

Apple tree · Banana tree · Bird of paradise · Blackberry bush · Bluebell · Bullrush · Buttercup · Carrot · Chili · Corn · Daisy · Fir tree · Gem tree · Gooseberry bush · Hazel tree · Monkeynut tree · Nightshade bush · Oak tree · Orchid · Poison ivy · Poppy · Pumpkin · Snapdragon · Sunflower · Thistle · Toadstool · Tulip · Turnip · Venus piñata trap · Water lily · Watercress