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Animal:The Bonboon is named after the Baboon but has the appearance of a Mandrill
Base value:3600 coins
Bonboon house
The Bonboon's house is a toilet-papered portable toilet tree house.
Housing cost:1980 coins
Romance dance
Wildcard Bonboon
Unique trait: Bulbous nose
For information on the sour version of this species, see below.

Red is nature's warning color. Danger! Beware! So, perhaps the Bonboon eats a lot of curried beans?

Bonboons can stop fights in your garden, by performing a dance to distract angry piñatas.

Classic requirements

Appear requirements

  • Have a resident Bonboon in the garden

Visit requirements

Resident requirements

  • Has eaten 7 bananas
  • Has eaten 7 monkeynuts
  • Have 1 monkeynut tree grown in the garden
  • Have 1 banana tree grown in the garden

Romance requirements

Species variants

Species variants for the Bonboon

Feeding it an orchid changes its color to white.
Feeding it a bluebell changes its color to blue.
Feeding it a watercress seed and a bird of paradise seed changes its color to yellow and green.

Bonboon variant 1 Bonboon variant 2 Bonboon variant 3

Species conflicts

  • A Bonboon will start fights with a Cinnamonkey, if one is nearby.

Sour version

A sour Bonboon

Dagger-like fangs, a powerful muscled body, and a mean streak as wide as the Congo, it's hard to believe this creature is a member of the cheeky, fun-loving family we call Cinnamonkeys.

As a sour, it starts fights amongst the other piñatas!

  • If you tame it, the Bonboon will stop fights.


Appear requirements

Visit requirements

  • You are a level 35 gardener or better

Resident requirements

Note: The more-evolved species have better chances of winning the fight.

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