The Piñatas Must Be Crazy

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"The Piñatas Must Be Crazy" is the tenth episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It aired in North America on September 23, 2006.

The Piñatas Must Be Crazy is a spoof off of a 1980 movie The Gods Must Be Crazy


The Mighty Pinator!!!

Franklin and Fergy are listening to one of The Bonboon's lessons and they dragged Paulie along with them. Paulie doesn't particularly like The Bonboon's brand of wisdom though. Mid-session they are interrupted by the piñata alarm! It seems that Ella has brought a party favor from her last celebration. She brought a small red balloon-animal home. The piñatas are unaware of what this strange thing is. The Bonboon then sees an opportunity... He tricks all of the pinatas into thinking that that little balloon is the mighty "Pinator" a god among piñatas!

Once The Bonboon has most of the pinatas duped into thinking of Pinator as a god, he claims that Pinator demands tribute. In candy! But Paulie isn't too convinced. After all the pinatas are exhausted, The Bonboon is eating the pile of candy and knocks down Pinator, Paulie gets a hold of Pinator and finds that he is a fake. He shows the other pinatas who are confused. The Bonboon then notices and in anger tries to show Pinator's "power" by inflating him to a massive size. Paulie seems to be cornered, but has a trick up his sleeve, a needle. After popping Pinator The Bonboon's stash of candy is blown all over the island!


  • Ella: Did I go on a trip? Wow, that must have been fun!

  • Langston: The outside world is so mysterious, so dangerous, why, it cities full of... DOODADS!! *the Piñatas gasp* Yes! And around any corner, you might bump into... a Whatnot!
  • Franklin: Not Whatnots!

  • Hudson: Can I can-can? I candy can candy can-can. Hit it Les!

  • The Bonboon: Feh! Oh no, it's worse than feh, it's bah! BAH!

  • Paulie: Pinator is about as threatening as Cecil here!
  • Cecil: I'm not very scary.
  • bonboon:a scary cocoadile (turns pinator into a cocoadile balloon)

  • Paulie : Now do you see what I was talking about?
  • Fergy : Yeah, Pinator is just... AMAZING! He's made it rain candy!


  • The Can-can is a famous french dance.