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For answers to commonly asked Chippopotamus questions, see below.

Candy:Chocolate chip
Base value:3600 coins
Attack:Mud pies
Chippopotamus house
A dripping mud house that looks like a hippo's face.
Housing cost:1980 coins
Romance dance
Wildcard Chippopotamus
Unique trait: Pointy ears

Chippopotami must have the worst glands in the entire animal kingdom. I mean, they don't eat a lot, not really, but you never see a slim one.

Classic Requirements

Appear requirements

Visit requirements

Resident requirements

  • Have 600 square pinometers of water (60%)
  • Has eaten 10 water lilies
  • Has eaten 10 watercresses
  • Has eaten 10 bullrushes

Romance requirements

  • Have 700 square pinometers of water (70%)
  • You have the Candary Master Romancer award
  • Have 1 Candary in the garden
  • Has eaten 4 birds of paradise
  • Have a Chippopotamus house in your garden

Species variants

Species variants for the Chippopotamus

Feeding it a watercress and a mushroom changes its color to green.
Feeding it a water lily seed and a bird of paradise changes its color to purple.
Feeding it a jar of blackberry jam and a bottle of medicine changes its color to pink.

Chippopotamus variant 1 Chippopotamus variant 2 Chippopotamus variant 3

Happiness tips

  • Chippopotami are happier when sprinkled with water.

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Commonly asked questions
I've spent days and days trying to get a Chippo to be a resident with no luck. Is this a glitch?

Like the Elephanilla (see answer), this is another pinata that takes time to reside. As with any pinata that needs multiple visits, it's important to keep in mind that you probably won't get the exact same Chippopotamus, the next time a wild one visits your garden.

Always make sure to maintain well more than 14 watercress or 14 water lilies or 14 bullrush in the garden, and replant the ones it eats. If its Visit requirements are no longer met, it will leave the garden early, drawing out the number of visits needed.

If you've got a visitor that only needs to meet one or two more requirements, try not to distract it with other items that it no longer is required to eat. One tip is to whack the plants that a particular visitor needs to eat, and move the flower heads near where he visits/eats, to help speed things along. This way, it will hopefully eat more of what it needs to eat, instead of randomly devouring whatever it's fond of.

Ultimately, patience is the key, while you pay attention to its needs, and keep your garden well-planted. (Either that, or you could pay someone off to ship you one.) View thread

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