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Base value:2100 coins
Attack:Lamb chops
Goobaa house
The Goobaa house is a bed to count sheep.
Housing cost:1155 coins
Romance dance
Wildcard Goobaa
Unique trait: Curved horns

The Goobaa is a domestic pinata. You can buy it for 2310 chocolate coins at Miss Petula's Paper Pets shop in the village once you are a level 16 gardener.

Supermodel of the animal world, the Goobaa is famous for its accommodating nature and dreams of world peace. Look, even Goobaa wool is almost blonde!

Classic requirements

Romance requirements

Species variants

Species variants for the Goobaa

Feeding it a bluebell changes its color to blue.
Feeding it a tulip seed changes its color to black.
Feeding it a water lily seed changes its color to pink.

Goobaa variant 1 Goobaa variant 2 Goobaa variant 3

Goobaa uses

  • Eating 1 Goobaa helps meet the Mallowolf Romance requirements.

Wool production

The Goobaa can produce wool. Simply buy a Shearing Shed from Willy Builder, then send your Goobaa into it. When your wool has been made, you need to feed the Goobaa a sunflower to prepare it to be sheared again. The Bonnet accessory effect prompts your Goobaa to produce wool automatically.

Other information

  • An in-game rumor from Leafos claims that a Goobaa will not romance without its fleece. (False)

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