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For answers to commonly asked Fertilizer questions, see below.

Plants and Their Fertilizer
Plant Fertilizer
Apple Tree Red
Banana Tree Yellow
Bird of Paradise Orange
Blackberry bush Purple
Bluebell Blue
Bullrush Brown
Buttercup Yellow
Carrot Orange
Chili Red
Corn Yellow
Daisy Yellow
Fir Tree Brown
Gem Tree Blue
Gooseberry bush Green
Hazel Tree Brown
Monkeynut Tree Brown
Nightshade bush Purple
Oak Tree Green
Orchid Green
Poppy Red
Pumpkin Orange
Snapdragon Purple
Sunflower Yellow
Tulip Purple
Turnip Purple
Water Lily Purple
Watercress Green

What it does

Fertilizer comes in a variety of colors and is used to give your plants a boost. Fertilizing not only produces higher quality plants, but also earns you awards. Fertilizing flowers makes them grow fuller and produce more flowers. Fertilizing vegetable plants causes them to produce larger, more valuable vegetables. Fertilizing fruit trees allows them to produce more fruit.

How to get it

Buy it

Regular colored fertilizer can be bought from Costolot's shop. Later, Special Mix fertilizer becomes available from Ivor Bargain's shop.

Ask a piñata

Produce to fertilizer

Fertilizer can be produced for you by a Taffly. In order for this to happen, you must feed a Taffly a fruit. The Taffly will then produce the correct fertilizer for the tree or bush that produced that fruit. For example, feeding an apple to a Taffly will produce red fertilizer.

Fertile tears

If you have a Cocoadile, you can direct him to a plant and he'll use his tears to fertilize it. This counts as a single fertilization.

How to use it

Pick a color

Plants will only respond to their appropriate fertilizer color. Generally, the color of the plant determines the color of fertilizer needed. For example, a carrot plant needs orange fertilizer. However, Ivor's Special Mix fertilizer works on any plant and should be used as soon as it's available.

Sprinkle it down

For most plants, you can use three applications of fertilizer immediately after planting them for maximum bonus growth. However some plants, such as trees, are a bit trickier and require a different strategy to fully boost growth.

Instead of fully fertilizing 3 times right after planting, you have to wait until certain stages in the tree's growth to fully fertilize it. Immediately after planting you can fertilize it once. Then you must wait until the tree has grown a bit and shakes leaves from its branches before fertilizing again. Wait again for it to shake and then you can perform the last fertilization. If you hear a low pitched “ding-dong” when you fertilize then that particular dose did not do any good (was not effective) - if instead you hear no sound then you know the dose was useful/effective/good. If you have any doubts, you can always over-fertilize. There is no penalty for over-fertilization or fertilization at the wrong time. Make sure your tree is watered, wait for it to grow and you should have a fully branched tree that produces more fruit!

Commonly asked questions
How do I get full bonus growth?

Depending on what you're fertilizing, it may take 1 to 3 doses, possibly applied at specific times. Plants and flowers need 3 doses of fertilizer, which you can apply immediately. Trees and bushes generally require a dose to be applied whenever its blossoms are about to bud/burst. You'll generally find more specific details at each tree or bush article. View thread

Any tips to achieve full bonus growth for the gem tree?

See answer.

Do you use fertilizer when a plant is growing or when its done growing?

Fertilizer needs to be applied before the plant is done growing. Listen for the high-pitched chime sound to indicate that the fertilizer was successfully applied. (If you hear a low-pitched ding-dong sound, it wasn't the right time to apply the fertilizer. Try again, since there's no risk of over-fertilizing, except for the coins it costs.) View thread

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