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"Pester the Pinata" is the thirteenth episode of Viva Piñata's second season. It originally aired in North America on October 20, 2007.


Using a Trojan Horse Themed approach, Professor Pester Hides inside of a huge egg and pretends to be a baby pinata. Unfortunately for him, on the decent into the garden, he bumps his head causing temporary amnesia. The pinatas know it is Pester but take advantage of his injury, while trying to figure out how to get rid of him.


  • Paulie: Did you see that bump on Pester's head? He thinks he's a pinata because he has amnesia!
  • Ella: What's amnesia?
  • Hudson: It's when you can't remember anything.
  • Ella: Oh... hehehehe, wait, what're we talking about?

  • Fergy: Anyone - wanna - babysit - for me? - He's an ANGEL!

  • Pester: I don't think i'll ever be ready to go party! Bwuhuhuhuhu...
  • Fergy: Son, I know you don't think you're ready to go to a party, but I believe in you. I don't care what some silly pinatameter says, 'cause you're my special little angel!
  • Paulie: *Gagging* BLEEEGH!

  • Pester: *Slapped by Canonata hands* What's going on? Pinatas? Quick, you rat-brained Ruffians, capture them! *Gets slapped* Mommy! WAAAAHAHA! *Gets slapped* OOF! Get them! *Gets slapped* AAH! Feed me! *Gets slapped* OOF! Kidnap them! Hug them! I hate you pinatas! I wuv you pinatas! Butter! Margarine!

Gameplay Tips

  • Piñatas hatch from eggs.


Piñata Species in Episode


  • A pink plant that looks like the sunflower is shown and may be availible in future downloadable content.
  • This episode contains a common plot device found in comedy: Someone falls victim to amnesia and believes they're someone else (baby, animal, child).


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