Franklin Can’t Dance

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"Franklin Can’t Dance" is the eleventh episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It aired in North America on September 30, 2006.


While Franklin and his friends are enjoying a day on the beach, Franklin notices a female Fizzlybear named Florence, and is immediately smitten. Florence asks Franklin to dance. Since Franklin is a terrible dancer, he runs off, however his friends accept for him, boasting that Franklin is the world's greatest dancer. Franklin now must find a way to become a great dancer, come the beach party next week. Paulie's idea of recreating a surfing environment to help Franklin feel at ease while dancing seems just the thing. But after Ella breaks Franklin's rare surf CD, what are the pinatas to do? They manage to repair the CD, but Pierre, the beach party DJ, refuses to play it. In the face of Franklin's imminent failure, the pinatas begin to panic. Then the pinata gang comes up with the idea to recreate the song themselves, and Franklin dances well, until his friends begin to argue more than sing. Franklin stumbles but then confesses to Florence that he is a terrible dancer. Florence forgives Franklin and the pinatas dance the night away.


  • Fergy: Hey Franklin! How's the surf?
  • Franklin: Full on, bro! That last wave nearly hammered me, but i got on top of a Barrel Roll Reverse Cutback, rode it so smooth i could have... *sees Florence* Oh! WAAA!! Oh wow! Fergy, like who's that Fizzlybear with Mabel?
  • Fergy: Oh, Florence. Yeah, shes cute.
  • Franklin: Florence... I wanna be her everything!
  • Paulie: *Almost chokes on his hot dog* BLAARG! Please, I'm eating!

  • Hudson: Smooth devil, isn't he?

  • Florence: Are you sure?
  • Hudson: I swear on my exclusive line of personal skin-care products!

  • Paulie: What do you need to be a great surfer like Franklin?
  • Hudson: a surfboard?
  • Paulie: No...
  • Fergy: You don't need a surfboard?
  • Paulie: OF COURSE YOU NEED A SURFBOARD! But what else do you need?
  • Ella: Is it a surfboard?

  • Ella: That Pierre is SO difficult!
  • Hudson: Well, he is French.

  • Pierre: I am so much rocking of ze house!
  • Pierre: *Ze roof, ze roof, ze roof is, how you say... ON FIRE!


  • At the end, when Pierre's hut is floating away, he says, "The roof, the roof, the roof is... how you say... on fire!" This is a reference to the Bloodhound Gang song "Fire Water Burn", whose chorus is, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!"


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: