Queen for a Day

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"Queen for a Day" is the third episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It is scheduled to air in North America on August 26, 2006.


Queen Beatrice

Les, Paulie, and Fergy watch as Franklin devours Buzzlegum honey. After Franklin finishes his sweet meal and smells buttercups and realizes that if he he plants buttercups then buzzlegums will come. If he plants enough than the buzzlegums will move in and produce delicious honey for him. After his plan is a success, Franklin rewards the buzzlegums with little pieces of furniture and decorations for their hives. But Franklin becomes overzealous and plants far too many buttercups. With a massive buzzlegum colony around his house, things seem sweet at first but soon sour as the buzzlegum won't leave poor Franklin alone and soon dub him their queen.

After Franklin is sworn in as queen he decides to seek out Queen Beatrice for help with his pesky problem. Franklin finds the queen bee, but after seeing how she is not very nice to the buzzlegums(being the reason that they left here). Franklin then give the queen a crash course in kindness. He succeeds and Queen Beatrice wins the buzzlegums back over. They throw a buzzlegum party and everything works out.

Gameplay tips


  • Franklin: If buttercups mean Buzzlegums, and Buzzlegums mean hives, and hives mean honey, then...
  • Paulie: Say it!
  • Franklin: I can grow my own buttercups, and, I'm in the honey!

  • Franklin: This time I got the hurry up Buttercup brand.

  • Franklin: It's all about sweetness -- inside.
  • Franklin: (singing) Grow those buttercups high. Oh, grow those buttercups high. Bring the bees and hives on trees. Grow those buttercups high!


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: