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For answers to commonly asked Wild-card questions, see below.

A wild-card is a very rare pinata that is created while performing a regular romancing process. This is not an evolution of a species. Wild-cards are purely random, and any egg has a chance of being a wild card. The only thing that can help your chances of a wild-card being born is if one or two of the parents themselves are also wild-cards.

Leafos Talk

Message that a wilcard pinata is born.

According to a rumor from Leafos, "On really rare occasions, special pinatas are born. They look different than normal and are a sign of good luck."

When a wild-card is born, Leafos will say, "That's Amazing! There's a one in a million chance that a wild - card piñata is born! It must be your lucky day!"

Special traits

Your rare pinata will have some physical trait that will differ from the rest, e.g., a Moozipan with horns.

Every species has a wild-card version with a larger base value which is increased by 10 times.

Wild-card Hall of Fame

Commonly asked questions
What's the chance of getting a Wild-card?

For Classic, the odds are 1 in 10,000. (Shared in a Rareware Archives interview with James Thomas given on Viva Piñata's 5th birthday.) View thread

Does hatching an egg with a Cluckles increase (or decrease) the chance of getting a WC?

No. The only thing that will increase your chances of getting a wild-card, is if one (or both) of the parents are wild-cards. View thread

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