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Every species has three color variants which must be discovered through various means. Feeding a piñata certain items will change their color. For example, if you feed a turnip to a Whirlm, it changes color to a purple Whirlm. Some species have to eat more than one item to change colors.

Once you change the color of a piñata, you can't change it again. So, to get all 3 variants, you have to have 3 separate pinatas, and change each to a different variant color.

Every time you discover a new variant you will gain four petals of experience.

Note however that some variants can reduce the base value of the piñata by a whole lot. For instance, all 3 of the Eaglair and Galagoogoo variations reduce its base value of 4500 chocolate coins down to a mere 100.

Varianting pinatas does not affect romance, so you could romance an orange Whirlm with a purple Whirlm.

Exclusive variants

Trouble in Paradise players with an Xbox Live Vision camera can scan black or other variant cards to obtain color variants that aren't available by feeding.


In addition to their color variants, some species are also able to evolve into a different species. For example, if you feed a buttercup to a (Classic) Sparrowmint, it becomes a Candary. Another well-known example is a Horstachio turning into a Zumbug after eating a blackberry and a daisy, as seen on the Horstachio of a Different Color TV episode.