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Trouble in Paradise

Designed for kids and first time visitors to Piñata Island, Just for Fun mode allows players to jump into a garden and interact with the inhabitants of this unique piñata world. With the level of difficulty turned down, sour piñatas stay away, resident piñatas remain healthy, weeds don’t plague your garden and you have an infinite chocolate coin bank account, allowing you to turn your garden into a veritable utopia of colorful creatures, garden ornaments and unique play areas such as the retro 70’s lighted disco floor. Also there is a way to have weeds or other kind of special piñatas, you have to put them in a crate and send it to yourself then go to just for fun mode and in the post office you will see the crate with the object,plant,weed,etc.. you can send yourself a Dragonache, Choclodocus, Tigermisu, Sarsgorilla, Jeli... anything you want. So have fun! However not all the pinatas in TIP - Standard can be attracted like Jeli, Sarsgorilla, Vulchurro, Tigermisu, Shellybean and the sours. However the tame version of sours are available (Except Shellybean) but dont have an appear movie (Except Limeoceri).

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