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Teddington What? Fergy we can't let a sour in the band! They out of control.
--Quote from "On a Sour Note" episode

Sours, as their name might hint at, are grumpy characters that get their kicks from making other (usually cheerful) piñatas gloomy like them. You can easily recognize a sour piñata because of the fact that it'll be deep red and black in color. There are eight different sour species. Each has their own bad habit, such as starting fights or scaring off other residents, but if you work out how to turn them into good piñatas, they will help out your garden.

Name Level Sighted Level Visited Residency Requirements
Shellybean 4 5 Has eaten an apple seed.
Sherbat 9 10 Has eaten a Jack 'o Lantern.
Crowla 14 15 Have a birdbath in the garden. Has drank a bottle of medicine.
Profitamole 19 20 Have two mushrooms in the garden. Has eaten a Red Flutterscotch.
Macaracoon 23 24 Have 5 Master Romancer Awards. Has eaten a Cluckles.
Cocoadile 27 28 Have 160 Pinometers of water (16%) in your garden. Has eaten a Sweetooth. Has eaten one Swanana.
Mallowolf 31 32 Has eaten a Pigxie.
Bonboon 34 35 Has lost a fight against a Syrupent, Twingersnap, or Fourheads.

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