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Base value:600 coins
Attack:Music Notes
The Candary house is a birdhouse.
Housing cost:330 coins
Romance dance
Wildcard Candary
Unique Trait: Curved Beak

Animbassidor: Cleo

Clearly Sparrowmints do like butter. So much so that minimal effort will prompt their evolution into a brand new species: the musically inclined Candary, friend of the Diggerling (but not such a fan of the Buzzenge).


Feeding a Buttercup to a Sparrowmint will turn it into a Candary.

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 1 Yellow Flutterscotch
  • Have a Candary house in the garden

Species variants

Species variants for the Candary

Feeding it a bluebell flower changes its color to blue.
Feeding it a water lily seed changes its color to pink.
Feeding it a gooseberry fool changes its color to light green.

Candary uses

  • A Candary in the garden helps meet the Buzzenge Appear requirements.
  • 5 Candaries in the garden helps meet the Buzzenge Visit requirements.
  • Eating 3 Candaries helps meet the Buzzenge Resident requirements.
  • A Candary Master Romance Award help meet the Chippopatamus Romance requirements
  • 1 Candary in the garden help meet the Chippopatamus Romance requirements.

Other information

  • Placing a Gas Mask accessory on a Candary will allow it to work in a mine.