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Franklin, Fergy, Ella, and The Bonboon.

From the wilds outside your Classic garden, the distant Dessert Desert and snowy Piñarctic, or a quick trip to Miss Petula's Paper Pets shop, there are over a hundred different species of pinatas to meet, tame, and discover.

Each species has its own likes and dislikes, whether it be certain flowers or trees, a bit of sand, snow or grass, or a pond to swim in.

  • Can you create the ideal garden habitat to keep your favorite species happy, healthy and safe, or will a hungry wild visitor eye them as a snack?
  • Will your Kittyfloss get along with that Barkbark, or will they fight like cats and dogs?
  • Do you want to tame that sour Sherbat, or are its fangs more to your liking?

Whether its requirements and tips, romance videos or scannable Piñata Vision images, a list of tricks to teach, or even TV show appearance details, each species article has the necessary information to help make that species at home.