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Miss Petula

Miss Petula's Paper Pets sells domestic pinatas, as well as accessories for your pinatas.

Domestic pinatas
Pinata Price Available
at level
Barkbark 2310 14
Cluckles 1100 8
Goobaa 2310 16
Kittyfloss 1650 10
Moozipan 3080 24
Ponocky 2310 20
Pudgeon 2310 18
Rashberry 1650 12

Accessory tips

  • You can buy an accessory for a piñata to increase its happiness.
  • You can send accessories to friends by using the gift box, or by trading pinatas that are wearing acccessories.
  • Some accessories are more than decorative, and may help meet Romance requirements, heal a piñata if it is sick, or prompt them to make produce.

Domestic pinata tips

  • Some of the domestic piñatas are needed to help obtain other species.
  • You can earn Master Romancer awards for the domestic piñatas by buying seven of each and then selling them back. You will only pay a minor price for the award.

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