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In the Pinata Paperchase (a mini-game within Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise) a pinata can race against three other pinatas across a course strewn with water, grass, snow and sand to see which can pick the fastest route to the finish line.

Piñatas will be faster or slower on certain terrain, i.e. lickatoads are fast in water but slow on sand.

There are boxes to smash open to pick up loathers that you can shoot forward or backwards or simply use as a rear guard.

Games are accessed by hovering the cursor on a pinata and pressing and selecting the games option.

The Great Piñata Paperchase

Hustle, bustle and burn Piñata rubber in exciting cross-garden scramble to be first over the finish line!

Characters and their Piñatas
Name Character Gloat Example Preferred Piñatas
Arfur StoutMy milk-fuelled piñatas really barrel along in the races.Flapyak, Moozipan
BabochikaWhen I grow up, I want to be a Flutterscotch!White Flutterscotch, All Flutterscotches
BartMy evolved Piñatas are just the ticket for success.Candary, Hoghurt
Bear. A. MaracusI pity any fool who competes against me.Fizzlybear
Carrie ChewdiniFirst place will not escape me.Cinnamonkey, Rashberry
CostolotI’ll win this competition at any expense!Fudgehog, Quackberry
DastardosMy Vulchurro will be circling for the candy prizes. Heh heh!Vulchurro
DiggerlingI’ll be sure to dig deep for the victory treasures.Profitamole
Doc PatchingoPerformance-enhancing pills? You want to get my license revoked!?Chewnicorn
Eddie LizardI’ll never change my victory colors!Jameleon, Fourheads
Fannie FrankerMy Pudgeon always delivers, no matter the challengePudgeon
GatherlingI’ve been known to collect a win or two.Macaraccoon, Sweetle
Gretchen FetchemMy Piñatas are always in the hunt for first place.Roario
Ivor BargainMind me bucket!Bonboon
JardinieroI was winning the competition before you were born.Dragonache
JeffeI used to run Piñata Central, you know? Until that rascal Langston…Kittyfloss, Cluckles
LangstonI’m always scouting for the finest talent to send to the most exclusive parties.Lickatoad
LeafosTake my advice, and don’t even try to beat me!Sparrowmint, Whirlm
LoatherHssss. Beware of explosive finishes. Hssss.sour species
MaximeI’ll trample all competition.Chippopotamus, Limeoceros
Miss PetulaLike, whatever…Tigermisu, Kittyfloss
Nana UrfI’ll nurture a win out of even the poorest Piñata you give me.Whirlm
Night WatchlingYou don’t scare me. In fact, it should be the other way around.Pretztail, Galagoogoo
Professor PesterVictory will be mine!sour species
Ruffian Minion #1Cheaters always prosper.sour species
Ruffian Minion #2Victory will be yours! No. No. I meant…sour species
Ruffian Minion #3Duh..Erm..Mind me bucket? That’s not it…sour species
Ruffian Minion #4You won’t be able to buy me off in this competition.sour species
SahariI love it when the competition heats up.Geckie, Chocstrich
SeedosI’m ex-seed-ingly good at all forms of competition!Parrybo
SparcticusI’ll cool down your expectations of winning.Hootyfruity, Moojoo
SprinklingYou must be wet around the ears if you underestimate me.Newtgat, Quackberry
StorkosI’m not the People’s Champion for nothing, you know!Cluckles, Chocstrich
WatchlingI may keep trouble out of your garden, but I’m the trouble in competition!sour species, White Flutterscotch
WeedlingI’ll be competing my bestest.Galagoogoo
Willy BuilderMy Piñatas have been training hard in the secret gym I build for myself.Sweetooth

Piñata and Terrains
Piñata Best Racing Terrain Worst Racing Terrain
Arocknid Soil
Arocknid Desert Variant Sand
Badgesicle Soil
Barkbark Grass
Bispotti Grass
Bonboon Grass
Bunnycomb Soil
Bunnycomb Arctic Variant Snow
Buzzenge Soil
Buzzenge Desert Variant Sand
Buzzlegum Grass
Camello Sand
Candary Grass
Cherrapin Water
Chewnicorn Grass
Chippopotamus Water
Choclodocus Soil
Chocstrich Sand
Cinnamonkey Grass
Cluckles Soil
Cocoadile Water
Crowla Soil
Custacean Water
Doenut Grass
Dragonache Gold Variant Soil
Dragonache Grass Variant Grass
Dragonache Sand Variant Sand
Dragonache Snow Variant Snow
Dragonache Soil Variant Soil
Dragonache Water Variant Water
Dragumfly Water
Eaglair Grass
Elephanilla Water
Fizzlybear Grass
Flapyak Snow
Black Flutterscotch Soil
Blue Flutterscotch Water
Brown Flutterscotch Soil
Green Flutterscotch Grass
Orange Flutterscotch Sand
Pink Flutterscotch Water
Purple Flutterscotch Water
Red Flutterscotch Sand
White Flutterscotch Snow
Yellow Flutterscotch Sand
Fourheads Grass
Fudgehog Soil
Galagoogoo Grass
Geckie Sand
Goobaa Grass
Hoghurt Soil
Hootyfruity Soil
Hootyfruity Arctic Variant Snow
Horstachio Grass
Jameleon Grass
Jeli Snow
Juicygoose Water
Juicygoose Arctic Variant Snow
Kittyfloss Grass
Lackatoad Water
Lemmoning Snow
Lickatoad Water
Limeoceros Grass
Limeoceros Desert Variant Sand
Macaraccoon Soil
Mallowolf Grass
Moojoo Snow
Moozipan Grass
Mothdrop Soil
Mousemallow Soil
Newtgat Water
Parmadillo Soil
Parrybo Grass
Peckanmix Grass
Pengum Snow
Pieena Sand
Pigxie Soil
Polollybear Snow
Ponocky Grass
Pretztail Soil
Pretztail Arctic Variant Snow
Profitamole Soil
Pudgeon Soil
Quackberry Water
Raisant Soil
Raisant Desert Variant Sand
Rashberry Soil
Reddhott Soil
Roario Grass
Robean Snow
S'morepion Sand
Salamango Sand
Sarsgorilla Grass
Shellybean Soil
Sherbat Soil
Smelba Grass
Sparrowmint Soil
Squazzil Grass
Swanana Water
Sweetle Sand
Sweetooth Water
Syrupent Grass
Syrupent Desert Variant Sand
Taffly Soil
Tartridge Grass
Tigermisu Grass
Tigermisu Arctic Variant Snow
Twingersnap Grass
Vulchurro Sand
Walrusk Water
Walrusk Arctic Variant Snow
Whirlm Soil
Zumbug Grass

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