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For answers to commonly asked Post Office questions, see below.

Fannie Franker's Post Office is where you can retrieve messages, or buy crates to place in your garden. You can then pack up to five of the same items, including pinatas, helpers, accessories, plants, fences, or other garden objects, and send them to anyone on your friends list via Xbox Live. If you send a crate to someone else and they don't claim it within two weeks it will be returned to you.

Crates only cost one chocolate coin to buy, and don't cost anything to send.

You can only pack one kind of object in a single crate. You can even pack up a sour pinata and ship it off to an enemy. The recipient can tell what's in a crate before they place the contents in their garden.

An alert will come up letting you know that a package has arrived. To get the contents of the package you must go to the Post Office and press to bring up any package that is in your mailbox. Then set the package in your garden and unload the contents that your friend sent.

How to Send a Crate

  • Press to bring up the menu
  • Go to the Post Office and buy a crate
  • Click on to enter pack mode, and select the animal, seed, or object that you want to pack
  • After you have selected everything you want, press to go back to the crate
  • Press to bring up the crate menu (make sure you have the crate highlighted) and then you will have the options to send the crate, add a message, or add chocolate coins

Commonly asked questions
How do I send a crate to one of my other gardens?

Follow the steps listed under How to Send a Crate. To unpack it in another garden, switch to that garden, go to the Post Office, then press to access your Received crates. Select the crate you want to unpack, place it in the garden, and press to unpack it. View thread

I can't send a crate. There are no other people listed.

  • Is your profile enabled for Xbox Live? You must have a Silver (or Gold) Membership to send crates to other friends (even if it's to another profile on the same Xbox).
  • Are you currently signed in to Xbox Live? Your Xbox must be connected to the Internet, and you must be signed in to Xbox Live to send a crate.
  • Is the person you want to trade with already listed on your Friends list? Pending friends can't be traded with. Make sure the friend request has been accepted.
  • Are you a younger gamer? Your parents might have enabled Parental Controls for your profile, which may prevent you from friending or trading with other Xbox Live members. View thread

Help, I'm not receiving any crates!

BIGsheep has an excellent FAQ, coincidently titled Help, I'm not receiving any crates!

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