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Wild Piñatas are attracted to your garden, by meeting the right conditions for each species to appear. For example, specific flowers and trees, or piñatas that already reside in your garden, can capture the interest of a Wild Pinata. Once a Wild Piñata has appeared, you can entice it to become a resident in your garden by providing it with what it needs to be happy there.

Once your garden becomes active enough, Sour Piñatas will appear and generally cause a nuisance. While they can be smashed, it's better to tame them, as they will become helpful residents.

Finally, there are a few other (evolved) piñata species that don’t even exist until you create them by doing something to an existing resident species!

List of Wild Piñatas that can be attracted
Name of species What you need for it to appear and visit What you need for it to become a resident
Arocknid Level 6, 4 Tafflies or 4 Raisants Has eaten 2 Tafflies or 2 Raisants
Badgesicle 4 nocturnal residents Has eaten 1 Newtgat and 2 pumpkins
Bonboon Bonboon resident, 1 monkeynut tree 1 monkeynut tree, 1 banana tree, has eaten 7 bananas and 7 monkeynuts
Bunnycomb Carrot Grass (4%), has eaten 3 carrots
Buzzenge 5 Candaries 1 fir tree, has eaten 3 Candaries
Buzzlegum 4 buttercups 6 buttercups
Chewnicorn Master Horstachio Breeder, 1 gem tree 1 fully grown gem tree, has eaten 15 gems
Chippopatamus Water (50%), 14 watercress or 14 water lilies or 14 bullrush Water (60%), has eaten 10 watercress, 10 water lilies, 10 bullrush
Cinnamonkey Fully grown monkeynut tree 3 fully grown trees, has eaten 8 monkeynuts
Cocoadile Cocoadile resident, water (16%), 5 Quackberries Water (19%), has eaten 3 Quackberries
Crowla Crowla resident, 4 Lickatoads Has eaten 2 Lickatoads
Doenut Grass (40%), long grass (8%), 10 blackberries or 10 gooseberries Long grass (8%), has eaten 6 blackberries or 6 gooseberries
Dragonache Mine, Diggerling Cluckles hatches mined Dragonache egg
Dragumfly Level 26, water (15%) Water (20%), 12 Bullrushes, has won a fight against a Reddhott
Eaglair Level 33, 5 different resident species 1 fully grown oak tree, 15 different resident species, has eaten 4 Buzzenges
Elephanilla Level 36, 16 blackberries or 16 ears of corn or 16 gooseberries or 16 monkeynuts Has eaten 4 blackberries and 4 ears of corn and 4 gooseberries and 4 monkeynuts
Fizzlybear Level 30, 12 fir cones or 3 jars of honey Has eaten 2 jars of honey and 8 fir cones
Fudgehog 4th night after you take over the garden, 4 Whirlms or 2 thistles Has eaten 2 Whirlms and 1 thistle
Galagoogoo 8-part Tower of Sour, Moon-on-a-Stick light, 8 Mothdrops or 16 Tulips Groundskeeper, has eaten 4 Tulips and 2 Mothdrops
Horstachio Ponocky resident, grass (50%) Grass (50%), Has eaten 8 apples
Jameleon Have 4 different colored Flutterscotches 5 different colored Flutterscotches
Lickatoad Water (1%) Water (2%), has eaten 1 Taffly
Macaraccoon Macaraccoon resident, 5 Syrupent family residents Has eaten 3 Syrupents
Mallowolf Mallowolf resident, 6 Rashberries Has eaten 3 Rashberries
Mothdrop *Nighttime 1 General Store#Garden Itemslight
Mousemallow 1 turnip has eaten 1 turnip
Newtgat Water (3%), 1 watercress Water (3%), has eaten 3 watercress
Parrybo Level 32, 1 bird of paradise 1 banana tree, has eaten 10 bananas.
Pretztail Nighttime Has eaten 1 Cluckle or 1 Bunnycomb
Profitamole Profitamole resident, 4 Arocknids Has eaten 2 Arocknids
Quackberry Water (4%), 1 corn plant Water (4%), has eaten 1 piece of bread
Raisant Level 4, 1 fruit tree of any kind Has eaten 3 fruit of any kind
Roario Level 38, 5 Doenuts and 5 Zumbugs, garden worth 40,000 chocolate coins Has eaten 2 Doenuts and 2 Zumbugs, garden worth 50,000 chocolate coins
Shellybean Shellybean resident, 1 thistle Has eaten 1 thistle flower
Sherbat Sherbat resident, 3 Mothdrops Has eaten 2 Mothdrops
Sparrowmint 2 Whirlms 2 Whirlms have romanced
Squazzil Any level 3 Pinata resident, 1 hazel tree Has eaten 3 hazelnuts
Swanana Level 27, water (20%), garden worth 40,000 chocolate coins Water (25%), Has eaten 2 sandwiches
Sweetooth Level 27, water (12%), 1 water lily or 1 fir tree Water (14%), has eaten 3 fir cones and 2 water lilies
Syrupent Grass (1%) Grass (2%), has eaten a Mousemallow
Taffly 2 flowers of any kind Has eaten 1 flower of any kind
Whirlm Soil (1%) or grass (1%) Soil (1%) or grass (1%)
White Flutterscotch 2 daisies 4 daisies

List of species that can be created
Name of species How to create it
Candary Feed a Buttercup to a Sparrowmint
Fourheads Hit a Twingersnap egg with your shovel when it takes its big jump
Juicygoose Feed gooseberries to a Quackberry
Lackatoad Feed a nightshade berry to a Lickatoad and then tap it with your shovel before it becomes sick
Pigxie Build a Mystery House, cross-romance a Swanana and a Rashberry
Reddhott Set a Taffly on fire by directing it to a Firebrand then quickly douse with the watering can
Salamango Feed a Newtgat a Chili to turn it into a Salamango
Twingersnap Hit a Syrupent egg with your shovel when it takes its big jump
Zumbug Feed blackberries and daisies to a Horstachio.