Tower of Sour

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As you tame a sour pinatas, segments of this totem pole are awarded to you and added to your Tower of Sour. You can also purchase totem blocks from Costolot's General Store if you want to postpone taming a particular sour. Once added to your Tower of Sour, each segment can be individually activated or deactivated. When a segment is activated the tower will scare away all sour pinatas of that particular species.

Your Tower of Sour carries over from garden to garden, so you don't have to retame sours in a new garden if you don't want to.

The image on the right shows 7 glowing (activated) segments in a Tower of Sour. Featured, from bottom to top, are the sour Shellybean, sour Crowla, sour Profitamole, sour Macaraccoon, sour Cocoadile, sour Mallowolf, and sour Bonboon. Missing from the totem is the sour Sherbat block (which would usually be second from the bottom).

Note: Segments are added in the order that sour species are tamed (or blocks are purchased) so your order may appear different.

Once you have completed the Tower of Sour with 8 pieces a Galagoogoo will be sighted near your garden.

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