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You can purchase honey from Costolot's General Store, or you can build a honey hive for your Buzzlegums to produce your own honey.


Honey uses

  • Honey can be sold for 100 chocolate coins.
  • Jars of honey can be transformed into bottles of medicine.
  • 3 jars of honey (or 12 fir cones) in the garden helps meet the Fizzlybear Visit requirements.
  • Eating 1 jar of honey helps meet the Raisant Romance requirements.
  • Eating 2 jars of honey helps meet the Fizzlybear Resident requirements.
  • Feeding honey to a Fourheads changes its color to a yellow variant.
  • Feeding honey and a water lily flower to a Badgesicle changes its color to a fuchsia variant.

Bottle of medicine uses

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