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Base value:10 coins
Seed price:2 coins
Turnip price:50 coins

You can purchase turnip seeds or turnips from Costolot's General Store, or try talking with Seedos to get a turnip seed.

The last time I saw something this swollen and purple, I'd slammed the door on my thumb.

Surface terrain requirements

Vegetable needs to be planted in grass, dirt, or long grass.

How best to grow it

Use 3 applications of purple fertilizer immediately after planting it, for maximum effect.


Turnip seed uses

  • ???

Turnip uses

  • 1 turnip in the garden helps meet the Mousemallow Appear and Visit requirements.
  • Eating 1 turnip helps meet the Mousemallow Resident requirement.
  • Feeding a turnip to a Whirlm changes its color to a purple variant.
  • Feeding a turnip to a Mothdrop helps change its color to a blue/orange variant.

Other information

A fully catalyzed turnip sells for 40 chocolate coins.

Classic plants

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