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To do

  • Drop down navigation (done)
  • (New two-column layout for main page) (done)
    • Consider article ToC column on main page? (done)
  • (Update FAQ (done) and MiniFAQs)
    • Merge or maintain separate FAQs by game? Merge. (done)
    • Move game-specific MiniFAQS into tabs or visually identify by game? Identify by game.
  • Categories
    • Xbox 360 Game -> Classic (done)
    • New Viva Pinata category as top level for ToC, other categories?
  • Jump-to navigation?

Trouble in Paradise is a popular landing page, and also gets navigated to often. We should consider turning that(/each) game's article into a portal, helping visitors find information more easily, since they probably already play the game and are looking for more than general information. (done)

Viva Piñata timeline:
Fall 2006: Viva Pinata first starts as a TV show (now available on DVD),
Winter 2006: ... and its popular Classic game for the Xbox 360.
Fall 2007: Xbox 360 fans get a spin-off party game called Party Animals, and Windows gamers get to play Classic on their PC.
Fall 2008: Xbox 360 fans get Trouble in Paradise, the sequel to Classic, and Nintendo DS fans enjoy Pocket Paradise, an enhanced version of Classic.

Button a.png Trouble in Paradise
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FAQ Button x.png Species Button y.png Piñata Vision Button a.png P-Factor
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Couch Social uses this in their documentation (e.g., Installation guide, technical guide).

Jump-to navigation helps users travel from one article to other related articles. The navigation would vary, depending on the topic, and some articles might not have jump-to navigation. We already use it (in a see-also format) in a few places (e.g. Category:Species).

In a sense, the navigation brings the "pages in the category" details (e.g., Category:Trouble in Paradise with minor omissions) to each page.


  • Consider using (existing see-also format or jump-to) navigation on more articles, to help visitors easily get to other related articles.
  • Consider switching from a see-also text format to a more visual layout, to make the navigation stand out, and be distinct from the article.
    • Con: Jump-to tables and tabs might visually conflict.
    • Con: More likely to stretch the screen at low resolutions.
    • Con: Jump-to can't clearly spell out (as catmore currently does) that there is a category article with more information:
For more information, see Species.


Species categories and their category articles

Button a.png Species
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Classic species Button x.png Trouble in Paradise species Button y.png Pocket Paradise species

Hybrid using catmore and jump-to

For more information, see Species.
Button a.png Classic species
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Trouble in Paradise species Button x.png Pocket Paradise species

Trouble in Paradise articles, text format

A - Z

By game

Categories and their category articles
General Classic Trouble in Paradise Pocket Paradise Party Animals TV show


Category:Classic species
List of Viva Piñata: Classic species
Category:Trouble in Paradise species
List of Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise species
Category:Pocket Paradise species
List of Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise species


Category:Classic plants
List of Viva Piñata: Classic plants
Category:Trouble in Paradise plants
List of Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise plants
Category:Pocket Paradise plants
List of Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise plants
Category:Xbox 360 Game

Viva Piñata: Classic

Category:Trouble in Paradise
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

Category:Pocket Paradise
Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise

Category:Party Animals
Viva Piñata: Party Animals
Category:Commonly asked questions

Navigation approaches

  • Popular article column (subset of articles for a topic) (done)
  • Topical index? A-Z? Featured on (Wikipedia) Main Page
  • Dropdown/flyout menus

Organizing pages by "topic" so we can see how/where they'd fit in to the different approaches. Topic names are arbitrary and can be refined later. Some articles belong to different topics/games but are generally listed once for now. Redirects to be removed next pass.



Licensing, merchandise, developers, producers



Trouble in Paradise

Pocket Paradise

Party Animals



Garden items

Group produce, tinkered items for now

Tips, strategies, answers





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TV show




Trying out icons to distinguish/identify different game information. Adding new game-specific sections to FAQ (instead of maintaining separate FAQs per game). (done)

If a question only applies to one game, do we want to show the icon, or omit it? Omit.

I've spent days and days trying to get a Chippo to be a resident with no luck. Is this a glitch? Classic Trouble in Paradise

(I don't think it looks that good to try to inline these icons within answers, e.g., ... than 14 (Trouble in Paradise 9 for Trouble in Paradise) watercress, so I suggest we only lead paragraphs with the icon.)