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Piñata feature a personalized tag (or label), usually attached somewhere on their posterior, that contains all the individual and unique data about who it is, its garden of origin and the original owner.

You can customize this tag by giving your pinata a unique name and logo using the Label Designer found in the menu. Any piñatas that you have made a resident from the wild will have a blank tag, with that piñatas offspring sporting your personal label.

The tag helps keep track of where you received a certain Piñata and what gardens it has visited. Who knows... your Piñata may travel across the world!

Label Designer


The Label Designer is used to customize a pinata's unique label.

Your designed label will not appear on a pinata that you attracted from the wild. You will have to breed it or evolve it to have your own design replace the blank tag.

Your tag will stay on a Pinata if you mail it to a friend via Xbox Live. So you can have your Pinata travel the world so that your friends can see the custom tag that you created.

A label consists of a border, a background, and a logo. Each of those three areas has many different color and pattern combinations to choose from making for millions of unique combinations.

You can also unlock new parts for your label by gaining romancing awards, taming sour pinatas, and unlocking rare breeds such as the Dragonache.

Commonly asked questions
Why is it that some of my pinata in my gardens have my tag and some are just blank?

A pinata has to be born in that garden, to have a garden's tag. Residents you've attracted from the wild, or had Gretchen fetch for you, will have a blank tag. View thread