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The shovel is the first and one of the most vital tools in the game. Your first shovel is given to you by Leafos, it is beaten up and can only be used for the most basic functions. You can upgrade the shovel to break open piñatas, dig holes to plant seeds, dig ponds, smash rocks and chop down trees.

Some uses of the shovel include:

  • Whack Hard Soil
  • Poke Pinata
  • Whack Pinata
  • Tap Object
  • Smash Object
  • Dig Hole
  • Dig Pond
  • Cut Grass

Shovel Upgrades

At certain levels Jardiniero will upgrade your shovel head or handle.

Upgrades gained at gardener level
Level Upgrade
1 Freebie Shovel Head and Handle.
5 Seed Shovel Head upgrade.
6 Iron Shovel Handle upgrade.
7 Pond Shovel Head upgrade.
13 Bronze Shovel Handle upgrade.
15 Treecutter Shovel Head upgrade.
23 Silver Shovel Handle upgrade.
28 Gold Shovel Handle upgrade.

Also more Upgrades can be bought for your shovel from Ivor Bargain

Upgrade Price Available
at Level
Chocolate Sniffer 540 12 Shovel head that detects buried coins in your garden.
Dastardos Head 2,520 20 Shovel head to daze Dastardos while he is in your garden.
Platinum Shovel Handle 1,250 30 Decreases the time it takes to dig a pond.

Shovel Achievements

Once your shovel head is upgraded to max the Super Shovel secret achievement is unlocked.

Once your shovel handle is upgraded to max the Super Strength secret achievement is unlocked.