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Trouble in Paradise

The P-Factor is Piñata Island's very own talent show and beauty pageant. Four piñatas are assessed for style, beauty, quality, value and a whole host of other categories to decide which pinata has the P-Factor.

The winner of the P-Factor is decided by a panel of five judges. Each of the four contestants gets to choose one judge they want on the panel; the last judge is chosen randomly. Each judge has different likes and dislikes, so choosing a judge that will favor your piñata over the others is the key to winning the contest.

There are 35 total judges to choose from, some of them well-known faces around Piñata Island, others not so well-known. Note that in any given contest, some of the possible judges may be contestants instead, so you will not be able to choose them from the list.

The judges are listed below in the order they are displayed in-game.

P-Factor Judges
Name Judging Criteria Judge's Introduction
Weedling Prefers small pinatas. Yay. I love parties! All us little Weedlings like to play dress up too. Maybe some of these Pinatas could play with us? But only the smallest ones, otherwise their clothes wouldn't fit!
Leafos Prefers lower level (or lower value) piñatas. Hello there. After all the time I spent drawing and writing about Piñatas for the journal, I have the fondest memories of my first scribbles of those common little Piñatas.
Storkos Prefers pinatas that can fly. My ability to fly came from an experiment where I tried to teleport myself to the other Piñata Island regions through a series of matter transportation pods I had devised. Little did I know a Taffly got into another of the pods…
Sprinkling Prefers pinatas that can swim. Water is so much fun to play in! I'm always jealous of those lucky Piñatas who get to swim around in it all day.
Seedos Prefers pinatas that have walked (or flown) a lot. Hello I'm Seedos. I've travelled far and wide looking for new types of seeds, but I wonder if any of these pinatas have traveled even further than me.
Bart Prefers pinatas that are evolutions of other species. Salutations! Bartholomew the Transmogrifiable Item Technician ready to cast a critical eye over the competitors. I like to think evolving Piñatas is on par with the fine art of Tinkering.
Diggerling Prefers non-swimming pinatas. Gmph. Those waterborne Piñatas and their fancy ponds and lakes are flooding my tunnels. You can't dig through water, now can you?
Ruffian Minion #3 Selects a judge at random out of all available judges and copies their preferences. I never wrote my own essays at school - I always copied as many girls and boys as I could. Why leave it there? I'm going to copy a random judge from all available instead! Bwa ha ha!
Ruffian Minion #1 Copies the preferences of a judge that is sitting next to them. I never revised for my exams at school-I always copied the boy next to me. Why leave it there? I'm going to copy the judge sitting next to me instead! Ha!
Ruffian Minion #2 Selects a judge at random that is present during the round and copies their preferences. I never revised for my tests at school - I always copied the girl next to me. Why leave it there? I'm going to copy a random judge sitting with me instead! Bwa ha!
Ruffian Minion #4 Prefers pinatas that can be tamed from sours. Ahh, aren't those salivating, snarling Sours so adorable? If I can find a tamed sour in the show, I can turn it back to its better ways. Just needs a bit of 'quality' time...Bwa ha ha ha
Doc Patchingo Prefers pinatas that have been sick several times. After years of education, I -Doc Patchingo- am well versed in judging the physiology of all species of Pinatas...especially those I have healed many, many times.
Miss Petula (Apparently) prefers 'cute' pinatas. Hiyaaa! I so love catwalk shows, especially ones that have little pretty pet Pinatas I can cuddle and dress up and carry in my handbag.
Gatherling Prefers pinatas with matching accessories (outfit). Hey there! Being a gatherling I like nothing more than a pinata that collects things: Pinatas playing cards, photos friends to play with... but mostly accessories.
Watchling Prefers pinatas that are active during the day. A Watchling watching over the garden by day, that's my job! I love to see Piñatas appear in the day, so I get to scare them off! Aha ha ha... Oh.
Night Watchling Prefers nocturnal pinatas. Ever vigilant over the garden by night-that's my job! I love seeing Pinatas in the night, so I get to scare them off! Hah ah ah...Erm...
Jardiniero Prefers older pinatas. Many, many years ago, I had the finest garden on Piñata island, and I wonder if any of these here Piñatas are old enough to have visited my famous horticultural paradise?
Willy Builder Prefers pinatas that have romanced many times. Willy Builder takes pride in his handywork. Nothing makes me happier than seeing pinatas pounding the dance floor I built for them. More romancing, more pinatas, more work for Willy!
Dastardos Prefers piñatas which have not been ill. Oh my, oh my, fresh candy! Now, which of these have I not seen before? Even I get sick of hypochondriac Piñatas tempting me over and over again.
Professor Pester Prefers higher-value pinatas. Well well, what do we have here? Lovingly cared for Piñatas paraded before me! I'll be sure to note the most valuable and make devious and dastardly plots to procure them for my... bashing stick! Bwaa ha ha ha!
Arfur Stout Prefers pinatas that do not know any tricks. Arfur Stout here. Through my business I've known a lot of the local talent - so I know what I'm looking at. But I'll have none of them tricksters and show-offs, I tell thee.
Costolot Prefers pinatas with no accessories. Well hello there! It's nice for me to be the window shopper for once, although I'll not be best pleased if I see any Pinatas dress to the nines in my competitor's accessories.
Fannie Franker Prefers piñatas who have not travelled many pinometers. Even though I send crates far and wide, I don't ever move further than the four walls of the Post Office! I can easily relate to those Piñatas that like to stay put.
Gretchen Fetchum Prefers higher-level pinatas. Nothing better than a good ol' regaling of my most glorious hunts of the rarest Piñatas. If I were to see some high-level Piñatas here, it might rekindle some fond memories...
Langston Prefers piñatas with high candiosity. Oh, what a fine opportunity to scout for some Piñata talent! Candiosity is the key, boys and girls. Of course, all weights must be verified at the factory...
Carrie Chewdini Prefers piñatas that know both of their tricks. Alakandyzam! And the world famous conjurer Carrie Chewdini appears before your very eyes! What a trick! Do any of these Piñatas know any tricks greater than mine?
Sahari Prefers piñatas that can be found in the Dessert Desert. Er. Hi. Bit cold in here, isn't it? Nowhere near as warm as my house in the desert. Boy, don't those Piñatas from the Piñarctic look odd? Wouldn't last a minute in my village with all that extra paper fur!
Sparcticus Prefers piñatas that can be found in the Pinarctic. Phew! Could somebody please open some windows? Should've come in my bathers if I knew it would be this warm! The clothes store in my village makes more chocolate coins than any other. Layers, you see. Layers are the key.
Maxime Prefers large piñatas. My costume is an XXL... even though I only take a small size! You only get respect on Piñata Island if you are big and tall and strong. Absolutely nothing to do with me being the smallest in my family...
Nana Urf Prefers piñatas that are of a lower level/value. Those poor little Piñatas just need a good bit of care and attention, then each and every one of them could win any competition! Maybe I'll give any poor little soul a confidence boost if I see one in this show...
Jeffe Prefers piñatas with lower candiosity. If you eat too much candy and pull a face while the wind changes, you'll turn into a Piñata. Just look at me! I don't want to see a piece of candy ever again, never mind a Piñata full of candy!
Babochka Prefers young pinatas. My Mummy and Daddy made me this costume, so I can be a Flutterscotch. I will be a real Flutterscotch when I'm older, you know!
Eddie Lizard Prefers varianted pinatas. I've always been fascinated by colors: the way the Jameleon camoflouges to suit his environment, the kaleidoscope of Flutterscotch, the sunset red of a Bonboon's behind. Variants are none too shabby either!
Bear A. Maracus Prefers non-flying pinatas. I ain't gettin' on no blimp. Bear A. Maracus don't like flyin'! You seen a Fizzlybear with wings?
Loather Prefers piñatas that have romanced few times. Hssss. Romancing, schmomancing. Nothing pleases us more than seeing Piñatas that have struggled to get through our mazes. Hssss.
Ivor Bargain Prefers pinatas gotten from Xbox live Vision? Through the power of Xbox LIVE Vision, I can see the show in my well. Why somebody would throw an Xbox 360 down here I don't know. Lucky I always carry a stagnant-water-to-240V transformer with me!