Classic Wild-card Hall of Fame

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Image Species Found by Unique trait First Accepted Discovery Reported
WildcardArocknid.jpg Arocknid SolidManiac Horns on the head unknown
WildcardBadgesicle.jpg Badgesicle DC Hengelo Longer ears May 14, 2007
WildcardBarkbark.jpg Barkbark bnm73 Curved Tail May 24, 2007
WildcardBonboon.jpg Bonboon ARMAGEDDON64 Bulbous nose May 3, 2007
WildcardBunnycomb.jpg Bunnycomb GhostGundam Pointy tail January 15, 2007
WildcardBuzzenge.jpg Buzzenge anonymous Large crest unknown
WildcardBuzzlegum.jpg Buzzlegum Cunn1nlyngu1st Ears February 9, 2007
WILDCARD Image.JPG Candary menono Curved beak unknown
WildcardChewnicorn.jpg Chewnicorn Greenemail Curved horn January 20, 2007
WildcardChippo.jpg Chippopotamus FeralKitty Large ears July 11, 2007
WildCardCinnamonkey.jpg Cinnamonkey Telekinesis Large ears March 22, 2007
WildcardCluckles.jpg Cluckles total_storm Chin wattle June 11, 2007
WildcardCocoadile.jpg Cocoadile Proper Villain Ridges on back unknown
Wccrowla.jpg Crowla BIG ZEEX581 Bigger feathers on head June 12, 2007
WildcardDoenut.jpg Doenut xITDx NaMeLeZz Straight antlers unknown
Dragumfly varient fuzzy.jpg Dragumfly MeejWetas Fuzzy Antennae unknown
WildcardEaglair.jpg Eaglair SD rulez None April 15, 2007
WildcardElephanilla.jpg Elephanilla xITDx NaMeLeZz Horn on forehead March 11, 2007
WildcardFizzlybear.jpg Fizzlybear Ayla2656 Larger tail June 7, 2007
WildcardFlutterscotch.jpg Flutterscotch Striped Ladybug Larger proboscis unknown
WildCardFourheads.jpg Fourheads durecellrabbit Spikes on nose and ridges on front and back heads unknown
WildcardFudgehog.jpg Fudgehog kyle portsoy Lumps all over body unknown
WildcardGalagoogoo.jpg Galagoogoo Zap657 & Thumpszilla Large ball at the end of its tail April 14, 2007
WildcardGoobaa.jpg Goobaa schedar Curved horns June 30, 2007
WildCardHorstachio.jpg Horstachio GuruAnt Thicker tail; tail of different color unknown
Wcjameleonsmall.jpg Jameleon DANN451 Triple tail May 7, 2007
WildcardJuicygoose.jpg Juicygoose jnin Large crest June 7, 2007
WildcardKittyfloss.jpg Kittyfloss Ryan Coke Large ball at the end of its tail May 10, 2007
WildcardLackatoad.jpg Lackatoad SD rulez Antenna June 29, 2007
WildcardLickatoad.jpg Lickatoad littletimmy18 Horns around mouth January 19, 2007
WildcardMacaracoon.jpg Macaraccoon RUM Z 70 Whiskers February 11, 2007
WildcardMallowolf.jpg Mallowolf polly the pretztail White ring of fur around neck unknown
Bullvp1.jpg Moozipan Darth Skyjuice Large horns December 4, 2006
WildCardMothdrop.jpg Mothdrop m1n3rv4 Different wing shape and pattern on wings April 29, 2007
WildcardMousemallow.jpg Mousemallow JoePhus Ball at end of its tail unknown
WildcardNewtgat.jpg Newtgat Amity Extra horizontal fin in tail unknown
WildCardParrybo.jpg Parrybo SD rulez Curved tailfeathers April 18, 2007
WildCardPigxie.jpg Pigxie MASTERMAXX713 Single Corkscrew tusk May 8, 2007
WildcardPonocky.jpg Ponocky Confetti Thicker tail unknown
WCPretztail1a.jpg Pretztail Tbone Joe Horns on head April 20, 2007
IMG 0903.jpg Profitamole xFinal Descentx Pointy ears August 20, 2007
WCPudgeon.jpg Pudgeon Adam Danger Pointy Bat-Like Ears unknown
MARIE.JPG Quackberry MUMSY Wavy crest unknown
WildcardRaisant.jpg Raisant hawkerstone Curved antennae March 21, 2007
WildcardRashberry.jpg Rashberry creg Tusks April 13, 2007
WildcardReddhott.jpg Reddhott schedar Large wings June 17, 2007
RedFlutterscotchwc.png Red Flutterscotch (one of a kind) WildChild Triple probiscus and different wings August 22, 2007
WildcardRoario.jpg Roario BIGsheep Large ball at the end of its tail unknown
WildCardSalamango.jpg Salamango SD rulez Flipper-like front and back legs August 2, 2007
WildcardShellybean.jpg Shellybean trabangaz & dr backslap Square shell March 21, 2007
WildcardSherbat.jpg Sherbat An Insane Guy Extra curly feathers on the tips of its wings May 2, 2007
WildcardSparrowmint.jpg Sparrowmint agentmitten Crest feathers unknown
WCSquazzil.jpg Squazzil Jeremy Wright Buck Teeth May 6, 2007
WildcardSwanana.jpg Swanana ViperBlue Pointed crest unknown
WildcardSweetooth.jpg Sweetooth CyberBen Curved ears April 19, 2007
WildcardSyrupent.jpg Syrupent Marauder98 Ridge on back of head unknown
WildCardTaffly.jpg Taffly MacRappy Curved tail unknown
WildcardTwingersnap.jpg Twingersnap Herffinator Spikes on nose of both heads January 19, 2007
WildcardWhirlm.jpg Whirlm Vypor Horns on back unknown
Wczumbug1.jpg Zumbug IAMDARKO Ball at end of tail August 18, 2007