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Championship Challenge contestants compete on 14 racetracks that wind through Piñata Island’s most exotic locales!

Racetrack Description Shortcut Locations
Beached! The sands of Piñata Island's beaches are kissed by the sun and the surf. They're also kissed by the feet, claws, and hooves of our competitors. From there, we head inland through a lush jungle, the floor of which is not really kissed by the sand and the surf, except in extreme weather. It does see its share of feet, though.
  • Near the start of the race, you'll see a ramp leading up through a ship. Instead of taking the ramp, break through the barrels to the right of the ship.
  • After coming out of the 1st cave you will enter the ruffian village. Start looking to your left for a row of orange street cones blocking off an area without a wall. Be sure to jump as soon as you enter this shortcut so that you can acquire the hidden power-ups.
Bridged Take on wobbly bridges, splashing waterfalls and dark tunnels.
  • In the beginning, immediately after the 4th set of power ups look to the right for a set of orange cones blocking the shortcut. Be aware there is a speed strip right after the exit of this shortcut, so land on it if possible for an even better lead.
  • This is one of the harder ones to find by yourself, because it opens up after the 1st pinata runs past it. Hence you will not find this one if your in currently in 1st place. Soon after the 1st cave you will come across 2 golden bonboons with water pouring onto the race track. After the 1st bonboon, slow down to allow everyone to pass. Immediately after you pass the 2nd golden bonboon you will notice in the middle of that wooden bridge there is now an opening on the right, marked with arrows. Depending on the location of the train, the smoke might hide the opening.
  • Close to the end of the level, you will run up and be launched into the air. As soon as you hit the ground, stick to the left. Avoiding those tempting power ups in front of you, look left. You will see large barrels blocking this shortcut (plow through them). The finish line is moments there after.
Civilized This cozy town is home to world-class restaurants, boutiques, and museums, plus a charming souvenir shop and a top-notch piano tuner. We recommend that you visit absolutely none of these, since this would likely put you in last place.
  • After you come out of the first round about, stick to the left and run over the speed strip. Ignore the road and plow straight through towards the power ups and barrels.
  • The next one is only a few corners after the first shortcut. You will hit another speed strip then go straight over a small humped bridge. Again. Ignore the road turning right and go straight. Tables and chairs from the cafe will fly as well as boxes and barrels as you plow down this ally.
Garden City life getting to you? Take a trip to the country. No Shortcuts
Frosty! If you enjoy huge glaciers, sheer ice cliffs, and breathtaking views, you'll love the Frosty! region. If you enjoy running really fast past these kinds of things, that will help too. This kind of terrain generally requires subzero clothing, ice screws, rope, and a climbing axe. Since you will have none of that -- good luck!
  • After the first tunnel, hang a sharp left. You will see 2 barriers with a space in the middle blocked with orange cones. Go through the cones and hit the ramp.
  • After entering the second cave stay to the right. On your way out you'll see 2 exits. Jump over the snowman and be careful on the small bridge.
  • When you come out of the last cave you will see an open area with a large ramp on the right. Go around it and hang to the right of the open area and you should see a little ramp that has a snowman in front of it. Avoid that snowman and be aware that the ramp launched you into 2 power ups and a field of evil snowmen.
Cha-Cha-Changes Slippery rooftop races take you on a wild ride to zany conveyor belts.
  • Of all the short cuts, this is probably the least obvious one. Pass the snowmen in the beginning, then a house on the left and another on the right. Hold close to the right wall and look for a house with a balloon right in front of the roof. The shortcut is bouncing from 1 roof to another, then finding those flat porch areas on certain roofs.
  • Close to the end of the level, after leaving the yellow and teal tube, you will be in a canyon. Hug the left wall when turning left at the end of that area and you'll be confronted immediately with a conveyor belt. Jumping one to the next, stay on these until you real the end hallway.
Factory This industrial zone is where all the goodies that end up in Piñatas are made. There is no other environment on Piñata Island that is so hazardous and at the same time so delicious. Go ahead and drool -- the Piñatas behind you might slip in it!
  • After you get passed all the conveyor belts in the beginning, you'll then be running on metal grating. Following the track you will make a sharp left, and then be prompted to make a sharp right. Ignore this, jump over the cones and barrier, and balance yourself while running across a turning tube tub.
  • Right after the first shortcut, you will be lead through a cave. As soon as you exit the cave, hang a sharp right. It will launch you across the path instead of having to circle around.
Assembled Twisty turns and mysterious machines arise from the depths of the factory.
  • This is the same shortcut as Factory #1. Head through the cave, jump over the barricades and balance on the twisting tube.
Tunnel It's chaos in the canyons, terror in the tunnels, bedlam in the bumpers, and shenanigans in the snow.
  • Ok, the first one remember those conveyer belts, yup do the same thing here! take them all or most of them.
  • When you first get to the houses, you will take a ramp and it will launch you. Then be on the lookout for 2 more ramps that launch you and take them.
Iced Hold on to your earmuffs, Pinata pals! This chilly adventure sends you sliding.
  • In the very beginning of the race, there is a ramp just after the snowmen. Instead of going up that one, about 10 feet before the ramp, veer off to the left and go off the other ramp.
  • About half way through the track, there is a path to go across the ice which allows you to save some time and hazardous wiggling across ices bridges (same as Frosty)
  • About 2/3rds of the way through, there is a ramp which takes you onto a floating ice chunk. At the end of the ice chunk, there is another ramp. It gives you at least a 5 second advantage.
Courtyard Fly frantically from flowering foliage, finding friends and funny festivities at the finish. No Shortcuts
Settled Take a trip through a familiar neighborhood
  • In the beginning when you go around a rotary type thing, you should see a red ramp going up with a booster on it, take it.
  • This one is tough to see. after you go through a tunnel, hang to the right and you should see an opening, go in it.
  • After you go over a bridge type thing and take a left, then a right. its on the right side right on front of you. As usual, take it.
Launched! Spring in your step? Launch yourself above the town to lofty bridges leading you into the heart of the jungle.
  • In the beginning of the level, stay to the right and take that shortcut. Its very easy to see.
  • This one is the same as Bridged #1. This time its at the end and just stay to the left, you will see it.
Tangled Tropical paradise at its finest! Thick, steamy jungles lead you on an adventure to spectacular sunlit beaches and soft seas.
  • This one is the same as Beached! #2. In the beginning in the wooden ground floor area, hang to the right and go up the shortcut.
  • Near the end of the race, head towards the left of the ship and break through the barrels, instead of crossing over the ship via the ramp.


Button ls.png Steer     Button lt.png Brake     Button rt.png Accelerate
Button a.png Jump     Button x.png Use Power-Up     Button y.png Swap Power-Up    
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Piñatas can carry up to two power-ups at one time. Use Button y.png to switch between them at any time!

Power-Up Description
PA BeeHive.jpg Buzzlegum Honey Slick This sweetly sticky stuff slows down trailing opponents.

Tip: Ooey! Gooey! Gluey! This power-up leaves a sticky mess for anyone behind you!

PA Missile.jpg Fiesta Missile This deceptively festive guided missile stuns leading opponents.

Tip: Use the Fiesta Missile to stun and slow down your opponents! It only lasts a few seconds, so timing is everything!

PA Bloater.jpg Fizzy Bloater Double your size, and become immune to attacks, such as Fiesta Missile and the Pollenator. Also, if you bump into one of your opponents while using this power-up, they get blasted away from you. This is especially useful when you are near a wall.

Tip: At twice your size, you're practically invincible! You can repel Fiesta Missiles, and you won't get pushed around with this power-up.

PA Wings.jpg Flutterscotch Wings Increase your speed, and fly over hazards, such as logs.

Tip: Flutterscotch Wings quickly fly you along your way! Use them to glide over Buzzlegum Honey Slicks and Fiesta Missiles!

PA Pollenator.jpg Pollenator Lay a trail of pollen to daze racers behind you, especially around turns.

Tip: Leaving a cloud of pollen in its wake, this power-up leaves your opponents sliding around uncontrollably!

PA Rocket.jpg Rocket Pack Gain a huge speed boost, while losing all control!

Tip: Jump on board for the ride of your life! This short-lived speedy power-up whisks you safely past Pollenator clouds, Buzzlegum Honey Slicks, and Fiesta Missiles.

PA SmokeBomb.jpg Smoke Bomb Use this on other racers to send them spinning.

Tip: Send smoke-filled Loathers to confuse and spin your opponents! It's clear skies ahead for you!

PA Peppermint.jpg Supercharged Peppermint Candy This little goody boosts your speed, and still allows you to steer.

Tip: This power-up speeds you down the path and leaves you feeling minty fresh!

PA WaterBomb.jpg Water Bomb Soak your opponents to blur their vision.

Tip: This power-up splashes your opponent's screen with a sheet of water, making it hard to see!


You don't immediately get any points for races, but a race bonus (of up to 5 points) is added to your score after each minigame.


  • Shortcuts are really useful, but hard to find. Hidden away, the best way to find them is to look for a small, blocked path!
  • Most power-ups can be found near the ground. Some require you to jump to retrieve them! Press Button a.png to jump around!
  • We all know ice is slippery. A slower, but sure-footed Piñata may be faster in the long run.
  • A little bump can throw your opponent off their game. Be careful, though, because opponents can bump back!
  • Don't worry if you fall off the track! You'll be back in the game in no time!
  • Use the Progression Meter to see where you are in the race! You can keep an eye on the competition here, too.
  • Piñatas are sure-footed, but the ones that slide can get around any corner! Press
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    to put your slide to good use.