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Leafos can be a big help , but she also can be a rumor mill and not everything she says can be taken for fact.

To hear one of Leafos' rumors, select her and press Button a.png

Below is a table of rumors that Leafos might mention and if the rumor is true, false, or unknown.

False Statements

Rumor Reason
If you want an Elephanilla, don't have any Mousemallows as they will frighten the Elephanilla. Elephanillas are not afraid of Mousemallows.
Have you heard that Weedlings have breath so bad that it can wilt flowers? Having a weedling does not kill your flowers.
I heard from a Watchling that sour Macaraccoons calm down if you feed them loads of Whirlm eggs. You can't make sour pinata eat anything.
I heard you can turn a Pretztail into a Mallowolf if it eats a Doenut Pretztails cannot eat Doenuts.
Lottie says that Ivor only sells badly made junk. Ivor Bargain sells many items that can prove to have many uses in the game.
Mothdrops eat wool and turn it into mothballs. Mothdrops cannot eat wool.
Roarios are like pinata royalty, so maybe you need a Queen Buzzlegum or Queen Raisant to tempt them into the garden? There are no Queen Buzzlegums or Queen Raisants.
There's an old wives tale about a magic accessory that stops a pinata from getting old No accessory found as of now. Although, the Joy Sweet can temporarily halt the aging process.
The secret of the Pigxie is to feed a Rashberry 10 Tafflys. Shhh, don't tell anyone else. To get a Pigxie, romance a Rashberry with a Swanana in the Mystery House.
This is a really secret tip, feed a Rashberry with 10 pumpkins and it'll grow into a Chippopatamus. Don't tell anyone else. Rashberries cannot eat pumpkins.
This is a secret, so don't tell. If you become a Dragumfly Master Romancer, a Dragonache appears in the garden. A Dragonache comes from a egg found in a mine.
Watch a Jameleon when it's hunting. It can turn invisible! Jameleons never change color.
When a Cluckles eats five different colored flowers it becomes a Parrybo! Cluckles can only variate after eating flowers. Yet they can only variate once, thus nullifying the colour changing effects. Also, Chickens are not related to parrots.
You should try this, get a Badgesicle to swim in water and it'll turn into a Sweetooth. Badgesicles will NOT swim.
Feeding a Dragumfly to a Pudgeon evolves it into a Buzzenge. Pudgeons don't hunt.
Goobaas will not romance without their fleece. I think they get shy. Goobaas will romance, fleece or not.
I was told that Fizzlybears are fussy, they only like royalty. But I'm not sure what that means. Fizzlybears are in no way fussy.

True Statements

Rumor Reason
Apparently Rashberries have weak gums, so they like to eat mushy, rotten food. Rashberries eat rotten fruit to romance.
Arocknids eat Tafflys but when Tafflys cousin Reddhott is in town you might just see some toasted Arocknid. See Species likely to fight.
A Sour Bonboon won't calm down until it's been shamed by a snake piñata. A Sour Bonboon must be defeated by a Syrupent, Twingersnap or Fourheads. Your chances of victory significanty improve if you battle with a Fourheads though.
Bart said he could cure 'two in one' or something. We were talking about toadstools and Profitamoles at the time. See Transformations
Dastardos is so single minded. What we need to do is find a way to distract him so Patch can get here in time. Directing a Crowla or Sherbat towards Dastardos will cause the pinatas to do a dance, thus temporarily halting Dastardos.
Did you know Fudgehogs like Poison Ivy? Or was that Thistles? I can't really remember. Fudgehogs like thistles.
Diggerlings have very sensitive eyes. They like it underground where it's less bright. Directing a Diggerling to a Mine (Purchased for 16,000 chocolate coins from Willy Builder will cause them to go mining, which can result in the rare Dragonache egg.
Don't you think that the white flutterscotch is a bit drab? I remember there used to be lots of different colored Flutterscotches. A total of 9 other species can be created from the white flutterscotch by feeding them different flowers (thistles included)
Do you know what? I'd love to see what happened if the Sour Crowla got sick and you called the doctor. Eating a bottle of medicine tames a Sour Crowla.
Have you heard of the Tower of Sour? That's what you need to stop sours coming to mess up your garden. Tower of Sour is a tower of purchasable Totems that when activated keep the corresponding creatures away. You can also earn the Totems by taming sour pinata.
Have you met Gretchen, yet? She told me that Sour Sherbats eat pumpkins Eating a Jack 'o Lantern tames the Sherbat.
Have you tried feeding baby pinatas with milk? Babies like milk don't they? Young pinatas grow up much faster when they drink milk, often allowing their full value sooner. Drinking milk is also a requirement for a young Dragonache to transform into it's adult form.
I don't know what Arfur Stout puts in his cookies, but helpers can't resist going into his shop. Arfur's Inn is the place to hire helpers.
I don't know what's worse, putting up with Ruffian behavior or paying them to go away You can pay a Ruffian to leave your garden. Press
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as the Ruffian enters, and select 'Pay'.
If you can afford a Cluckles, you should get one. They're supposed to be good for eggs. Cluckles can hatch any type of egg (including Dragonache) and this unlocks an achievement.
I heard a rumor that cocoadile tears are the best way to grow perfect plants. directing a cocoadile to a plant fertilizes your plants and unlocks an achievement.
I heard that the Salamango is changed from another type of pinata. Feed a Newtgat a chilli and it will evolve into a Salamango.
I'm sure I saw a Sparrowmint swallow a small bit of yellow litter that was floating in the breeze once and it turned it into something yellow itself. Feeding a Buttercup to a Sparrowmint will evolve it into a Candary.
I'm sure people would like Seedos more if he gave away more seeds. You should try to knock some sense into him. Hitting Seedos will drop seeds, but he will also drop bad seeds.
I often wonder what happened to my long lost brother Stardos. Sigh... See Family
I think that Barkbarks actually enjoy fighting with Kittyflosses! See Species likely to fight.
It might not be very nice when Professor Pester arrives in the garden, but it does mean your garden is very valuable. Professor Pester will target your most valuable Pinata and break it.
I told Petula that I'd seen a two headed Syrupent and she said she'd seen one with four heads. She just has to go one better! See Fourheads
I've been looking for a console and a game to keep my dad occupied during the day. If only there was a game about piñatas. Sigh... See Viva Piñata
I've got two brothers and a sister you know. I was always the brains of the family. See Family
I've heard a rumor that you can tame a Sour Mallowolf. Yeah, when Rashberries fly. Eating a Pigxie tames the Mallowolf.
I've heard that some Lickatoads are immune to poison. See Lackatoad
Ivor had a run of bad luck at the Pinata races. But I'd trust him with my money, if I had any. Give Ivor the beggar 1000 chocolate coins and he will open a shop.
I was told that no one can resist a Cinnamonkey in a hat, including other Cinnamonkeys. A fez is needed to romance Cinnamonkeys.
Look for gaps between loathers in the Romance mazes. You can often find shortcuts.
Lottie doesn't want you to know this, but you can make your own fertilizer. One of the bug pinatas can help. See Taffly
Lottie seems to charge a lot for milk. Willy asks why don't you make your own? All you need is a cow and his help. You can produce your own milk with a Milking Shed and a Moozipan.
My brother Seedos told me that Shellybeans love seeds but he thinks everything should love seeds. An Apple Seed is needed to tame a sour Shellybean, while a Bluebell seed is needed to romance them.
My dad, Jardiniero, has been saying nice things about you. Don't tell him I told you though. Higher level rumor.
My dad was such a good gardener, because he enjoyed working here. If you aren't enjoying your garden, change it into something else. Something that you really like.
On really rare occasions, special pinatas are born. They look different than normal and are a sign of good luck See Wild cards
Pinata Central will send you sweets when you give them the pinata they have asked for. Once you send a pinata to a party happy candy (and occasionaly Joy candy) will rain from the sky.
Pinatas that get sent to parties come back more valuable than when they left. A pinata's base value increases each time it goes to a party.
Ponockies are jealous of big, tall Horstachios, and they'll try to take them down a peg or two if possible. See Species likely to fight.
Seedos is my brother. He wasn't always called that you know. See Family
Storkos is like a Buzzlegum, because technically she shouldn't be able to fly.
Some people don't like Syrupents, just because they like Mousemallow candy. A Mousemallow is one of the Syrupent's resident requirements.
Sometimes Bart can change something he's already changed into another new thing. Do you understand? See Transformations.
There's something familar about Dastardos, but I cannot put my finger on it. See Family
The other day I saw a Syrupent with two heads, honest. See Twingersnap
The problem with Diggerlings is they make so much mess. If only there were a pinata that would eat piles of earth. See Profitamole
The Reddhott looks like it's on fire! How can something so hot look so cool? See Reddhott
When I look at the pinatas, I can almost hear them talking. I bet you could make a show about some pinatas having adventures. See Television series
When Pinata Central sends a request, you should try to help them - it's really rewarding. A pinata's base value increases each time it goes to a party.
You know Buzzlegums like honey. Well, so do Raisants, which is why they don't get on. See Species likely to fight
Zumbugs think they're the best things on four legs. I bet it would upset them if a Chewnicorn showed up. See Species likely to fight


Rumor Reason
Before you came to the island, people used to call squazzils by another name...Nonsquirrellel. But it sounds like 'not a squirrel' which is rubbish, so it was changed. RARE using nonpareils as candy mix with squirrels.
Don't listen to Petula - she's always making stuff up and gossiping. How could anyone like her?
Fannie might seem sweet and innocent, but I heard that she steams open love letters and copies them into the romance novel she's writing.
Have you noticed a funny smell when Seedos is in the garden?
If I'd been a boy when I was born, Dad was going to call me Justin, Our names are all so weird. They're the kind of names that you see in a computer game or a cartoon or something.
I find it a mystery how a Sprinkling can carry so much water.
I heard that Willy the Builder is so clucklepecked by his wife Lottie that he sits in the shed so she can watch exactly what she wants on TV.
I think Bart has a soft spot for Fannie. I might tell her to see what she thinks. Hee hee.
I've never met such calm, relaxed people as the Gatherlings. They seem to take it all in stride.
Mum always told me that if I didn't control my temper, I'd become a Ruffian. What a horrible thing to say to a child.
My sister Storkos thinks she's some kind of superhero. But she isn't really.
One of the best games I ever played was "Grabbed by the Ghoulies" RARE video game for Xbox.
Piñata Island is amazing! There's a swamp just over there and just around the corner there's a desert. I've never heard of any place like it.
Seedos runs much faster since you started to get seeds from him. You're keeping him fit!
Sometimes when he thinks I'm asleep Dad looks at the photos of the garden when it was his.
Storkos has had to give up eating eggs for breakfast in-case she nibbles a delivery.
Sometimes pinatas can lose some parts when they go to a party. Don't worry, they get patched up at Pinata Central before they come home.

Unknown Statements

Rumor Reason
I don't know why Seedos wants to live in the swamp, it's always damp and gloomy. As stated in Chapter 10 of the Storybook, he escaped into the swamp with his Shellybeans during the Ruffian raid. He now calls it home because he grew-up there with his new 'family'.
I don't like to talk about people, but I think Dastardos is some kind of friend of Professor Pester. Dastardos and Pester are in no way related. In Chapter 10 of the Storybook, however, it is stated that Stardos might of been turned into Dastardos by Professor Pester. Something to support this is that Da- is added to the name Stardos. It is unknown if Dastardos and Professor Pester became allies/friends afterwards.
I think a Galagoogoo would appreciate some sunglasses to protect those big eyes.
I've got a friend at the town hall who says Pester changed his name to 'Professor'. He's never ever been to school. It is unknown if Pester does have a 'degree' in evil or not but he does seem to give thought to what insidious thing he will do next. He is also the leader of the Ruffians.
I wouldn't bother buying wire fence it's cheap, flimsy and it doesn't look very nice Wire Fences will not keep in bigger pinatas.They will tear them down. Wire Fences, however, are inexpensive and can be used in creating a pond with almost exact boundaries.
Some plants grow bigger if you put the seeds in a hole. Plants are thought to grow larger when fertilized, and grow faster when planted in a hole.