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This is not just a garden: this is a colourful paradise teaming with fantastic living Piñata creatures and vibrant plant life that evolves as you play, all determined by your own choices and actions.

Your story begins when you arrive at a spot once known for its legendary life and colour, now sadly gone to ruin. Your job is to re-establish its old glory, putting your own individual tag on the place as you go. Help is at hand with this daunting task should you need it - close to home from an in-game cast and from around the world courtesy of fellow piñata enthusiasts.

Discover secrets and customise your candy-filled piñatas to see them grow, change, fight, and even dance! Guide them through their independent lives and protect them from dangers that threaten to break them open.

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Survive the challenges that a thriving community brings in the form of rivalries, illnesses, sour piñatas and garden-wrecking Ruffians and you’ll be rewarded with a Piñata pet paradise like no other.

Viva Pinata has an ESRB rating of E for everyone for mild cartoon violence and comic mischief