Amber gem

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Trouble in Paradise

Wishing well
Amber gem

This big, beautiful honey-colored gem is actually fossilized tree sap. I once saw a movie where they used something like this to make dinosaurs or something farfetched like that. Don't you wish these people would make a film about realistic stuff, like work out here on Pinata Island?

The amber gem can be retrieved from the wishing well, the first time you throw 9,999 chocolate coins down the well.

You can only get one amber gem per gamertag from the well, although there is an amber gem card if you wanted to scan an additional amber gem.

Once you've obtained your amber gem, don't rush ahead and tinker the first three bones you happen to find. Take a few minutes to decide what type of Choclodocus you want to hatch, since the color of the skull, ribs, and spine that you store with the amber will determine the shape of its head, shape of its tail, and color of its body.

Other information

  • The amber gem cannot be sold, smashed, or crated.