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Premiering in the U.S. on Saturday mornings on FOX Network September 9 2006, the "Viva Piñata" computer animated cartoon comedy television series follows the high-energy adventures of a cast of living piñata animals in a vibrant world where anything and everything can happen. The animals have action-packed adventures and survive the trials and tribulations of being piñatas.

Animation for the television series is being done at Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver, Canada.

Viva Pinata will be featured on the new 4Kids TV On Demand network on Comcast ON DEMAND as well as airing on YTV in Canada. It will also hit television screens in the United Kingdom weekdays at 4:30pm on Nicktoons beginning March 5th 2007. The The CW Television Network is set to air episodes in Fall 2008.

Each episode will be listed on the List of Viva Piñata episodes right here at

Series Synopsis

In a lovely garden on the beautiful (and never officially charted) Piñata Island, a multitude of happy, colorful Piñata species live and frolic and dance (Piñatas love to dance) and grow and (in some cases) develop deep-seated neuroses. The Piñatas live to fill themselves full of the most delicious candies a child could ever want, and they eagerly await the glorious day when they’re chosen by the Piñata Factory to “attend” birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, retirement parties and other special celebrations all over the world!

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Many piñatas were beaten during the production of this television series