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Base value:21 coins
Seed price:46 coins

You can purchase toadstool seeds from Costolot's General Store.

I have never once seen a Lickatoad sit on one of these unpleasant little plants. Sensible piñata are advised to stay clear of the toadstool all together. The toadstool is almost irresistible to piñatas -- its bright colors mimic candy, and piñatas tend to be more hungry than clever.

Surface requirements

Weed needs to be planted in mud, grass, dirt, or long grass.

Note: Weeds are more likely to plant themselves and require no watering.


Toadstool seed uses

  • ???

Toadstool uses

  • Toadstools can be transformed into mushrooms.
  • Eating 1 toadstool helps meet the Fourheads Romance requirements.
  • Eating 2 toadstools helps meet the Lackatoad Romance requirements.
  • Eating a toadstool will make most pinatas sick.

Mushroom uses

Other information

  • If you are looking to tinker a toadstool, Bart can before it is fully grown.

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