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Base value:210 coins
Seed price:46 coins

You can purchase snapdragon seeds from Costolot's General Store, or try talking with Seedos to get a snapdragon seed.

Snapdragons are unusual flowers. They don't look much like Dragons: they aren't even green and scaly.

Surface terrain requirements

Flower needs to be planted in soil, grass, or long grass.

How best to grow it

Use 3 applications of purple fertilizer immediately after planting it, for maximum effect. Once a mature snapdragon reaches 5 days old, it will drop its heads and seeds and then wilt and die.


Snapdragon seed uses

Snapdragon uses

  • Eating 1 snapdragon helps meet the Dragumfly Romance requirements.
  • Feeding a snapdragon to a Squazzil or Swanana changes its color to a purple variant.
  • Feeding a snapdragon to a Dragonache helps in maturing it.

A fully catalyzed snapdragon plant sells for 840 chocolate coins.

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