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TiP - Standard

Base value:-60 coins
Seed price:13 coins

You can purchase dandelion seeds from Costolot's General Store or use your seed pouch.

The dandelion was probably named such because its yellow flower looks like a Roario's mane. Who knew that it would have something else in common with the King of the beasts?.

Surface terrain requirements

Weed can be planted anywhere except in water.

Note: Weeds are more likely to plant themselves and require no watering.


Dandelion seed uses

Dandelion uses

  • Eating 1 dandelion helps meet Bunnycomb, Mallowolf or Sherbat Trick requirements.
  • Eating 4 dandelions helps meet the Moozipan Romance requirements.
  • Feeding a dandelion to a Sparrowmint causes it to evolve into a Candary.
  • Feeding a dandelion to a Polollybear changes its color into a yellow variant.

Other information

  • Dandelions will scream and scare your pinatas if they come close.

Trouble in Paradise plants

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