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Screenshot Title Original U.S. airdate Segment Number U.S. broadcast order
ChewnicornInTheGarden.jpg "Chewnicorn in the Garden" August 26, 2006 001 4
Fergy Fudgehog and Franklin Fizzlybear set out to convince Paulie Pretztail to believe in the legendary Chewnicorn.
HorstachioTitle.jpg "Horstachio of a Different Color" September 9, 2006 002 6
Hudson's confidence takes a blow when a young horstachio named Hamilton challenges him at the annual Horstachio Competition, which Hudson has won four years in a row.
Candiosity.jpg "Candiosity" August 26, 2006 003 2
All the other pinatas are excited about the rush of pinata parties, except Fergy, and must find a way to decrese his candiosity before the 'Big Candiosity Measuring.'
CocoadileTears.jpg "Cocoadile Tears" August 26, 2006 004 1
Tina and Teddington Twingersnap have a very ugly garden. Their neightbor Chortles Chippopatamus has one of the prettiest gardens anywhere. With the help of their friends Fergy, Franklin, Les and Paulie brave Chortle's terrible jokes to find out his gardening secrets. Then find out that Chortles gets his beautiful garden from the Cocoadile tears.
QueenForADay.jpg "Queen for a Day" August 26, 2006 005 3
Franklin Fizzlybear decides that planting his own field of buttercups will attract bees to his garden and he'll have all the honey he wants. But things buzz out of hand...Franklin's being so nice to them that they declared him the queen!
TheCrush.jpg "The Crush" September 16, 2006 006 8
Paulie and Fergy both get a crush on Ella Elephanilla and ask her to the Dance of Romance. Franklin tries to distract Paulie and Fergy from the dance, so they won't discover that they both made a date with Ella.
Legs.jpg "Legs" September 9, 2006 007 5
Fergy is excited about the upcoming dance contest, especially since he’s gonna win. But a dancing accident replaces his super-talented legs with cluckle legs. Can the Fudgehog Cluckle-scratch his way to victory?
WhirlmDream.jpg "Whirlm with a Dream" September 16, 2006 008 7
Wilson Whirlm wants to be picked to go to a party, but his candiosity is zero! Can Hudson Horstachio help Wilson master the secrets of becoming a party animal?
PinatasMustBeCrazy.jpg "The Piñatas Must Be Crazy" September 23, 2006 009 10
When the Great Bonboon tricks the piñatas into believing a balloon animal is actually PIÑATOR, a supreme being with a sweet tooth, it's up to Paulie to prevent the Bonboon from conning his friends out of all their candy.
Pinatapartyphobia.jpg "Piñatapartyphobia" February 10, 2007 010 23
Fergy's fear of piñata parties has gotten so out of control, Dr. Quackberry suggests the Fudgehog must face his fears. First, with the help of Fergy's friends, the good doctor creates a simulation of Piñata Central so that Fergy can "rehearse" a visit to the place he fears most in the world. Of course, the rehearsal is a colossal disaster... but the Dr. insists Fergy must take a trip to the real Piñata Central anyway!
TrojanHorstachio.jpg "Trojan Horstachio" September 23, 2006 011 9
Professor Pester and his henchmen disguise themselves as a female horstachio in order to trap Hudson. Hudson immediately falls in love with the new horstachio, but insists on showing her everything about him and his life. Pester will need to create a love greater than Hudson's love for himself if he hopes to capture him.
FranklinCantDance.jpg "Franklin Can’t Dance" September 30, 2006 012 11
Franklin wants to impress a Fizzlybear named Florence with his great dancing. But despite his masterful surfing, Franklin can't dance (much as this Segment's title suggests). His friends go to all lengths to help him. Can he get it together before the big dance?
LightsCameraAction.jpg "Lights, Camera, Action!" October 7, 2006 013 13
The piñatas are all excited by the arrival of famed Hollywood director Reg Upchuck. Everyone wants to be part of the production, but Paulie smells a rat.
SickDay.jpg "Sick Day" October 7, 2006 014 12
When Fergy realizes that piñatas sneeze candy if they get a cold, he desperately tries to get one himself so he can lessen his candyosity and not be picked for parties. But helping all his sick friends only gives him a headache instead. Will he catch a cold before he fills up on so much free “sneeze candy” that he'll have no choice but to be sent to a party?
OnASourNote.jpg "On a Sour Note" February 3, 2007 015 21
When the piñatas form a rock band, the result is less than rockin’ – until a Sour Profitamole joins the group and contributes some wild sounds. The piñatas join to tame the wild musician, but when they take the sour out of the mole, he also loses his musical edge. With the big concert coming up, how can they perform without a wild lead singer?
LesSavesTheDayAgain.jpg "Les Saves the Day…Again!" October 14, 2006 016 14
A volcano is threatening to erupt on the night of the piñatas' big beach party, but only Les Galagoogoo, the smart but silent bushbaby knows about it -- and no one understands his warnings. Can Les save the day without spoiling the party?
TheGreatGobRush.jpg "The Great Gob Rush" November 11, 2006 017 19
Paulie, Fergy, Franklin, and Hudson decide to go on a picnic. But when Fergy wanders off and gets lost he discovers a cave full of golden caramel clusters. Word of the candy discovery spreads throughout the garden and soon ... THE GREAT GOB RUSH is on! But what they do not know is that Professor Pester planted the caramel clusters to lure the piñatas into an elaborate mechanical trap. Will victory be his?
HudsonsBiggestFan.jpg "Hudson's Biggest Fan" October 28, 2006 018 16
Hudson the Horstachio has lots of fans but none are as intense as Beverly Badgesicle. Her devotion and attention-getting behavior are too much for Hudson to take. He tries various strategies to drive her away, all of which fail. When Franklin tells him that the only solution is to be honest, Hudson decides to meet face-to-face with Beverly and put an end to her horseplay once and for all.
MissionImpinatable.jpg "Mission: Impiñatable" November 4, 2006 019 17
Hudson the Horstachio is kidnapped by Professor Pester... and newsbird-on-the-scene Pecky Pudgeon captures it all on film. Hudson’s friends set out to rescue him, but Hudson is not aware he is even kidnapped – he thinks Pester’s underground lair is an exclusive new night club. Can this “rescue team” get their act together to save someone who doesn’t think he needs saving?
MyLittleFergy.jpg "My Little Fergy" November 4, 2006 020 18
Fergy’s mother comes for a visit. Fergy is too embarrassed to admit that he has never been to a party. In fact, Fergy's told her he's the most popular party piñata ever! After Mom brags to Langston about how much her son loves being a top party piñata, Langston offers to launch Fergy the very next day–so that Mom can watch. It looks like Fergy will have to show up because he just can’t bear to disappoint his mommy.
Hero.jpg "Hero" November 18, 2006 021 20
When Franklin Fizzlybear saves superstar Hudson Horstachio's life, Franklin becomes a hero - and the public loves a hero. Hudson helps his friend Franklin deal with the issues of growing stardom, but what happens when Franklin's fame eclipses Hudson's?
MadMongo.jpg "Mad Mongo" October 21, 2006 022 15
The piñatas discover that a “sour” - a wild, untamed piñata from the jungle - has invaded their garden and caused havoc. Franklin declares to his buddies that he can tame the savage beast. In fact, Franklin believes he'll tame him so well that the sour will pass as his guest at the ritziest, high-class event of the year. This turns out to not be so easy.
PigOutMountain.jpg "Pig-Out Mountain" February 3, 2007 023 22
Fergy and a reluctant Paulie join a group of Rashberry alpine climbers on an expedition up Pig Out Mountain, at the top of which supposedly exists an unlimited bounty of amazing food. Fergy's plan is to live up there forever, never having to go to another party again. Unfortunately, the Rashberries are insane thrill-seekers and Fergy and Paulie first have to go through Heck to get to Paradise before another surprise awaits them.
RoyalVisit.jpg "Royal Visit" February 10, 2007 025 24
When Fergy learns that a piñata knighted by King Roario can do whatever he wants – including not go to parties anymore - he lies about having done heroic deeds in order to become one. But the King knows Fergy's stories aren't kosher and decides to teach Fergy a lesson by pretending there's a Dragonache that Fergy must slay. But instead they end up having to slay a real-life Dragonache.
WraisinsOfWrath.jpg "The Wraisins of Wrath" February 17, 2007 026 25
Fergy and Paulie bake pie for their friends, but the tasty raisins in the pie have a nasty side-effect, they cause a Piñata to behave in an opposite manner to their normal personality. Can Fergy and Paulie reverse the effects before the garden goes crazy?
PinataIslandIdol.jpg "Piñata Island Idol" February 17, 2007 027 26
When Piñata Island's main dance hall collapses during a particularly exuberant night of dancing, the piñatas must somehow raise ten thousand candy coins to rebuild it. They decide to hold a talent show -- but when word of the show reaches Professor Pester, he decides to snare those ten thousand coins for himself. Will his dastardly plans succeed?
ToCatchAPinata.jpg "To Catch a Piñata" February 24, 2007 028 27
When Langston Lickatoad suddenly vacates Piñata Island, Fergy applies for Langston's Piñata Wrangler job. After all, if Fergy's the official wrangler, in charge of picking who goes to what party, he’ll never have to actually attend one himself. But when the mysterious Piñata Central boss notices that Fergy's best friend Paulie Pretztail has never been to a single party, he orders Fergy to round Paulie up for immediate party-duty!
BoogieSnatchers.jpg "Invasion of the Boogie Snatchers" February 24, 2007 029 28
Professor Pester uses hypnotic music to turn all the Piñatas on the island into mindless, obedient zombies so he can get all their candy. The only hope is Paulie’s annoying neighbor and nemesis, Spalding the Sparrowmint. But can Paulie convince the stubborn, tone-deaf warbler to overcome their differences and save all the Piñatas?
Candibalism.jpg "Candibalism" March 3, 2007 030 29
Unwilling to share his delicious, life-size chocolate Bunnycomb with others, Fergy instead tries to pass it off as his visiting cousin, Candace. But unable to resist 'her' chocolatey charms, Fergy devours the Bunnycomb whole. When the piñatas find a bloated Fergy beside the remains of the bunny's disguise, Fergy is arrested and put on trial for eating his own cousin!
PrivateEye.jpg "Pecky Pudgeon, Private Eye" March 3, 2007 031 30
When Ella Elephanilla calls reporter Pecky Pudgeon about a threatening letter, he comes to her home -- only to find her missing. This leads him on the trail of mystery as one by one, all his piñata acquaintances vanish. In the end, he finds and rescues Ella – and learns the astonishing secret behind the mystery.
Confetti-itis.jpg "Confetti-itis" March 31, 2007 032 36
Franklin has a bad case of Confetti-itis. Dr. Quackberry gives Franklin a potion that seems to be clearing up his condition. In addition, it increases Franklin’s candy capacity! Soon all the other piñatas (except for Paulie and Fergy) are demanding prescriptions from Quackberry, and are rapidly growing huge. But then they discover a rather negative side effect: their skin becomes so strong they are in danger of bursting, especally Franklin!
Twingersnapped.jpg "Twingersnapped!" March 10, 2007 033 31
Late for their job as judges at a dance contest, the constantly bickering Tina and Teddington end up lost in the Jungle. A wild fall off a cliff results in them being split in two. At first, they enjoy their freedom -- but when they are captured by Professor Pester, they come to realize just how much they need each other.
SoilAndGreen.jpg "Soil and Green" March 24, 2007 034 34
Fergy and Paulie find a desolate hideout where they can avoid the cannonata, but an industrious Whirlm threatens to blow their cover by turning the hideout into a lush garden.
Franklingestion.jpg "Franklingestion" March 17, 2007 035 33
Franklin Fizzlybear returns from Piñata duty at a party to discover that his insides are growing not candy – but vegetables! What happened to Franklin – and will he ever be the same?
IPretztail.jpg "I, PRETZTAIL" March 24, 2007 036 35
When Paulie Pretztail discovers that Party Central has classified him as a Squazzil his self-image shatters. He embraces his ‘true’ heritage and moves in with his kin... but then (like all visiting relatives) Paulie proceeds to drive his new Squazzil family nuts! Can Fergy prove to Paulie that he really is a Pretztail before the Squazzils do their annoying new family member in?
RocketToNowhere.jpg "Rocket to Nowhere" March 10, 2007 037 32
To escape going to parties once and for all, Fergy gives the Bonboon all his candy in exchange for a trip on Bonboon’s rocket to another planet. The rocket ends up going nowhere - it’s a fake, of course - but Fergy’s fogged-up helmet makes him think Piñata Island is actually a strange, gassy planet. After confusing his friends for hostile aliens, Fergy desperately tries to get back to the rocket and return “home” before the “aliens” can stop him.
ForMyNextTrick.jpg "For My Next Trick" April 14, 2007 040 38
When Franklin gets a new magic wand, Les gets drafted as his new magical assistant. Franklin becomes an incredible magician (thanks to Les secretly executing the tricks), and actually believes the wand has special powers. But, when Professor Pester tries to steal the wand, will Franklin’s own brand of magic be able to keep him away?
FreeThePinatas.jpg "Free the Piñatas" April 7, 2007 038 37
Professor Pester (disgised as a robot Moozipan named Maurice) convinces the pinatas to march on Pinata Central to tear down the Cannonata
TreasureOfPinataMadre.jpg "Treasure of Piñata Madre" April 21, 2007 049 39
Paulie, Fergy, and Franklin must return the legendary Treasure of the Piñata Madre to the salt water taffy factory. But will their suspicions of each other—along with Prof. Pester’s nefarious plans—be their undoing?
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"Between a Flock and a Hard Place" April 21, 2007 041 40
Teddington insults a passing sheep, which gets its revenge by framing Teddy for destroying the other pinatas' gardens. Can Teddy prove his innocence before the other piñatas run him out of town—or worse?
SixMillionDollarPinata.jpg "Six Million Dollar Piñata" April 28, 2007 042 41
When Fergy wakes up to find his body blown to bits thanks to a freak mishap, Prewitt Profitamole rebuilds him with bionic parts. Fergy’s excited to be a super-piñata at first, but the novelty soon wears off when Fergy’s friends take advantage of his new powers eventually causing the bionics to short-circuit from overuse. Fergy runs amuck and there’s only one piñata who can save him.