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Hudson Horstachio


As the most requested type of Piñata – a classic horse pinata – Hudson is as famous as you can possibly get on Piñata Island. He’s a Piñata Superstar! However, despite all of his success, he’s still a stand-up steed…and his friends are always there to keep his hooves on the ground. Because of his celebrity status, Hudson sometimes wears outlandish disguises when out in public. But Hudson is not above using his superstardom to get what he wants. And what he really wants to do is to dance... all the time!

Hudson is as famous as you can possibly get on Pinata Island. Think Brad Pitt meets Secretariat. Always in demand and frequently double-booked, Hudson is by far one of the post popular pinatas in the biz. It's incredibly difficult to get on his calendar - he usually only does the parties of the rich & famous or heads of state.


Species: Horstachio

First Appearance: Candiosity


It's me! Hudson! The world's most popular pinata!

Well, wherever the party is they'll be excited to see yours truly... and I just had my smile candy-coated, too! [Smiles. His teeth are so shiney they almost blind the others.]

Can I cancan? I candy can candy cancan. Hit it Les!

I'll simply never meet someone that amazing again, I...[Fergy gives a mirror to Hudson] Hi, who's this?

I swear on my exclusive line of personal skin-care products!

It's exhausting being famous. Sometimes I barely have time to stare at myself in the mirror.

Megastar. Superstar. Rockstar. I'd practically be a constellation.

Let's see... says swing a right here. I'll do better than that. I'll boogie right.

Over here! I'm in the clear! The lighting is perfect and the camera's on my good side!

There's plenty of me to go around!

Success never tasted so sweet!

I taste as good as I look!

My candy's so delicious I just might break myself open!

Ah, me!

Ladies and gentlemen! I have arrived!

Hudson Horstachio: Accept no substitutes!




The opposite of Hudson, this horse hates his looks and wears a paperbag with eye-holes and sunglasses. He also has opposite ear colors to that of a regular Horstachio. Whenever he takes his bag off others gag and throw-up.

Quotes- "Oh, it could be worse, sir, you can end up looking hideous- [Takes off bag] like me..."