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"Candibalism" is the twenty-eighth episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It originally aired in North America on March 3, 2007.


Unwilling to share his delicious, life-size chocolate bunnycomb with others, Fergy instead tries to pass it off as his visiting cousin, Candice. But unable to resist 'her' chocolaty charms, Fergy devours the bunnycomb whole. When the piñatas find a bloated Fergy beside the remains of the bunny's disguise, Fergy is arrested and put on trial for eating his own cousin!

Gameplay tips

  •  ???


  • Fergy: I'm not an animal, I'm a pinata!!

  • Teddington: Would you please describe to the court Fergy's behaviour on the night of the Shimmy Shindig?
  • Tina: [Mimicking him] Would you please describe...
  • Teddington: Cut that out!
  • Langston: [Banging his gavel] Council will refrain from imitating the prosecutor!

  • Langston: Ella, read back the last question.
  • Ella: [Reading] Where am I? Is this some kind of court? Hey, Langston's wearing a silly wig. Oh-oh, he wants me to read this...
  • Teddington: Oh never mind!

  • Langston: [After discovering that 'Candice' was actually a chocolate Bunnycomb] Erm, as the presiding judge, I think I speak for everyone when I say... oops!

  • Fergy: [After discovering the moon is covered with mountains of treats] One small step backwards for justice, one giant buffet for me!


  • Watch the first half of the episode and listen very carefully, Candice is mostly called 'Candy' by the other Pinatas.

  • The glasses that 'Candice' wears are purple coloured, yet when they are shown in the court as evidence, they have turned orange.