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Paulie Pretztail


Keenly observant, with a dry sense of humor, Paulie doesn’t miss a thing. He believes he can solve any problem once he puts his mind to it, and at the moment the problem he’s put his mind to is how to keep himself and Fergy from going to Piñata parties! Paulie is the quick-thinking idea guy who often finds himself saving Fergy from one hair-brained scheme after another.


Species: Pretztail

First Appearance: Cocoadile Tears


I can't believe I let you guys talk me into this!

Hold on to your gumdrops!

You'll never catch me!

It's me! The P to the E, Paulie!

are not!




This Pretztail loves tormenting others and being very evil and loyal to Spanklin. He wears wire glasses and has a small Handlebar Mustache and small thick eyebrows.

Quotes- "Hail spanklin... wheres the goatee? Am I the first to say, you look Fabu!"

"Paulie? You're confused sire. I'm Smaulie, and this is Spergy. I handle crime, he handles punishment."