Rocket to Nowhere

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"Rocket to Nowhere" is the thirtieth episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It originally aired in North America on March 10, 2007.


To escape going to parties once and for all, Fergy gives the Bonboon all his candy in exchange for a trip on Bonboon’s rocket to another planet. The rocket ends up going nowhere - it’s a fake, of course - but Fergy’s fogged-up helmet makes him think Piñata Island is actually a strange, gassy planet. After confusing his friends for hostile aliens, Fergy desperately tries to get back to the rocket and return “home” before the “aliens” can stop him.


Zumbugs: "Freebird!"

Fergy: "G-force...tearing...ship..apart!"

The Bonboon: "J. Idiot McLoserpants speaking."


The end of the episode is a mock up of the ending to "Planet of the Apes", when Fergy sees the tilted Pinata Statue of Liberty. He drops to his knees and yells "THOSE MANIACS!", which is followed by a shot of him knelt down in front of the statue.